If you’ve found this, good job! Or yeah…I might have posted stuff and you just went poking around or whatever. But regardless, welcome!

So, borrowing an idea from many simmers, I’m making myself a side site for challenges and things I’m going to attempt that don’t need/merit their own sites. I’ll also maybe post random sim happenings. I don’t do social media, but I have often found myself longing for a simblr or a facebook dedicated to my sims. Mostly because I’m constantly having weird things happen but nowhere outside of boolprop to share them. So hence here!

This page will be stickied for a while until I find something else worthy.

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Things – 1.4 – The Zane Legacy

Yay! I’m back at it again!

Guys…guys…GUYS!!! My game has been running soooooo smoooothly! It’s not a brag. I’m just lonely and have no one to get excited to. Things I am not excited about, however, do exist in a big way.  I didn’t realize until I was going through my photos how very far behind I am.  Which, if I’m being honest, is why the last update ended in a kind of abrupt kinda way. You see…I…uh…couldn’t remember the baby’s name. I had mental leads because there are only so many Mass Effect names I would have chosen, but I wasn’t sure.

Anyway! New update!

Last time, a crappy wedding happened. At least Harkin is now an official Zane. The house got an update while Roth moved out with Shorty. The twins, Garrus and Mordin, spun out of their pods and became cute tots. They then moved to Isla Paradiso for reasons. And I think I’m forgetting something…


“She’s having a baby!!”


“Prima’s having a baby!!”

Oh yeah( It’s not like I didn’t acknowledge that in my intro or anything).  Last time, Prima decided that Harkin deserved a chance to contribute to the Zane gene pool and got pregnant.

Which came to a head at the end of last update!


Welcome to the family, Thane Zane.

First off, yes. I hear it. I heard it almost immediately after naming him. And no. I don’t really give a hoot. Thane Krios was one of my favorite characters. Okay, not like, top five or even seven, but for sure top ten.

Second, you won’t be getting his traits because I do not remember which ones were the ones he received at birth.

Lastly, I don’t know who that older gent is, but I can see it better than the baby. Awesome -_-


In her motherly glory, Prima heads home and immediately dumps the baby in the swing. She doesn’t even pass by Harkin and let him know ‘hey you have a kid now”.

Whatever. She’s got more important things to do.


She needed to start the time machine and get to the dystopian future.


“So I’m fit for time travel again. Tell me how to mess up the time stream.”


Time to play with the huge magnet.

Both Prima and I love playing with it.


And now it’s time to sow discord.

“I heard there’s a giant falling rock hell bent on killing us. You should totally give up all hope and just throw your trash on the ground.”


While Harkin sets the mood, Emit pays Prima a visit.

“There are now diapers on my lawn. Congrats. You messed up the time line. ”


Proof is in the portal.

Guys…my brain is not wording right today.


There it is! In all it’s stinky, dirty glory!


And in a series of very poorly lit shots, Prima does her best to fit in and dig around in the dirt/ big ass holes in the ground.


While there isn’t a whole lot that needed done in the future, this was one of those things. I’m sure I mentioned it before, but I wanted to make sure Prima got a fish and bug from each future and this was what we needed.


And this is heart attack inducing.


Time to moodlet manager that lightning magnet moodlet away, pick up some lotto info so we can finish and run back to the past. I’m not really in the mood to lose my heiress.


“We have a pool?!?”


And those lotto numbers pay nicely. I didn’t write down exactly how much but….


It’s more than enough to head to city hall…which happens to be haunted at the moment. So….okay.

Prima donates a final final lump sum to philanthropist statue.

And this is where I realized that, because they moved, Prima needs to go back to the Utopia to round out the futures. I guess moving resets everything.

But for right now, let’s pause to do non-time travelly things.


It’s birthday time!


First Garrus, then Mordin. All sparkles!


“I look like my mom.”

Not the worst thing Gar-bear. You both have great-grandpa Bradley’s cheekbones and it keeps both of you from being face-one so….

No complaining!


Which isn’t something that can be said with confidence about Mordin. Besides his eyes, he’s kinda falling prey to just general nice faceness. Not to say he’s unpleasant or anything, I’m just realizing how much this family need some diversity.

However, I have to say I love that he has the same eyes as Kira, the final spouse of my OWBC and Penny’s mother.


The boys get a new bedroom(Roth’s old room) and the first thing Garrus does is play cowboy.

“Robber! I’m a stage coach robber!”

Ok…cool. Don’t murder anyone.


For some reason, I followed Garrus around.

Okay. I know why. Every simmer, no matter how they try, has a favorite every so often. And I adore Garrus. Even if his family is falling prey to bland attractiveness,  he’s got a little extra that makes him…him. And I’m not sure what it says to my personality, but I have  big ol’ soft spot for evil sims. Most of my evil sims seem to be casually evil. In that, they’ll do bad things, but are at their core good sims.


I did bulk up on the logic items. Garrus rolled the LTW Emperor of Evil and if he’s heir, I want to do that…so time to let the little evil boost his brain.


“What do you mean I have to go back to the utopia and normal future?! I did that crap already!”

“Your move ruined the time stream and it must be fixed!”

“That’s dumb. Also, why are we at city hall? ”

I…I don’t know. There are like a bunch of pictures like I wanted to do something with them. However, I have no recollection of why.


*One undocumented Utopia trip later*

“This running around is dumb. I’m stealing mom’s rewards points and getting a remote for this garbage. ”


Ta da! LTW complete biatches!!

No…ignore that. That celebration was weird.

Back to the present!


It’s time for Thane to turn into a tot!


I like his colorings, although I am severely disappointed that he’s not a ginger.


With Prima(who, since I’ve begun putting these out again, I keep referring to as Penny) kind of aimless, she’s been relegated to toddler training.


Mordin is a cleaning fiend.

Although, I would prefer if he did it away from the broken dishwasher!

And this is all I have for today. Mostly because this update has been written for like four days and I need to get it out. I promise there is more to come!

See ya buddies ❤

Long Time Coming – 1.3 – The Zane Legacy

Wow!! I’m finally back with the Zanes proper and I couldn’t be more hyped! Last time I even looked at them I could wear a t-shirt and not freeze my butt off!

Welcome back all!!! It’s been WAAAAYYY too long. Thanks to my computer being out of commission, I’ve been away. Even this update has been sitting on the “shelf” for months. A lot has changed, but I’m ready to pick right back up where I left off and excited to see what happens next. Most of this update was written months and will seem particularly cogent compared to the next update. However, in order to get this update out in a kind of celebration of getting my computer back, I had to cut half of the update. Mostly because I’m still in the midst of reinstalling everything and there are some glaring gaps in my memory that keep me from moving forward in writing. Hopefully you guys can forgive me *innocent blinks*


Last time(and thank god I wrote this months ago), Prima went to the future and found her true love in Harkin Shire. Upon returning home, she got pregnant and kicked Gary out. She then gave birth to twin boys Garrus and Mordin. Penny also aged into an elder and Harkin moved in a came to the present.


And why is everyone out in the rain, including the babies?

It’s remodel time!


With the twins, the house was a little cramped, so I demolished the entire thing and made it roomier. Roth is still taking up the spare room.


I really like having Roth around and since no more babies are in line for a few more days, he gets to enjoy his future brother-in-law’s fancy future convertible for a little while longer.


Having never been in cribs, the twins are not having a fun time in the nursery.

I also forgot to put the walls up. Whoops.


“Super mom!”

You did the bare minimum and put them in swings. Yes…mother of the year.

You’re not the worst, but definitely not the best.


Ignoring whatever problem Prima is having, it’s time for a real wedding. I thought about waiting for a few generations to attempt a real wedding, but at the time, I was riding the Prima/Harkin true love train.


First thing out of buy mode,  Harkin b-lines it for the stereo and dance floor. At least it keeps him busy while we wait for people to arrive.


Speaking of which, Odette and Odile have arrived!

All the Zanes back under one roof!


I arrange this cute little futuristic gazebo/area thing. And they commence with being idiots.


And it got worse from there. Harkin wandered off while I tried to get Penny to go inside to the restroom.


And she ended up peeing herself anyway. And yes, that is the mixologist being pointless.

This is why I don’t do weddings!


At least Odette is enjoying it.


In a fit of desperation and just wanting to get this event over with, they got married in the moderate darkness.


And Odette ruins the moment by wondering where Odile is. Thanks guys. Thanks all around.


As Prima and Harkin get cake, I sent Liam around with the moodlet manager and clean up everyone. I will not stand for this kind of idiocy.


“The groom is in the way of the cake!”

Time to shut this down. Wedding over.


Time to take care of the babies in your wedding gown!


What is with the bladder failure this episode!?!


Roth is really good at picking up the slack when it comes to the boys. He doesn’t have much to do outside of caring for them. Besides his job but…eh.


There are two reasons for this picture.

One. Look at how decent the lime and sea foamy blue work together.

Two. This is where i decided to move Roth out. It was through no decision other than I want Shorty gone and I was planning on having Roth take him when he left. Shorty is a pain and with a full house, including 2 infants, it’s impossible to deal with his constant need for attention. He could be completely content and whine. My real life cats does it, but I don’t have to infants to care for.


Goodbye, Roth. Hopefully this won’t be our last time seeing you.

Upon moving him out, I realized how much I kinda wish I would have made him heir. He’s so adorable and I am honestly nervous I’ll never see him again. I’m hoping that my memory and data on my computer is saveable.


On a happier note, the twins are turning into toddlers!


This a Garrus. Our little evil cutie pie!


And this is Mordin.  He’s adorable too, but I can’t remember his traits at the moment.


With the twins birthday, it’s time to throw Harkin one kid. I kinda want a redhead and I’m hoping Harkin is our best shot.


“Anybody want a snack?”

Piss off, Penny!


Baby 3 incoming!


And the last thing to be done in Hidden Springs.

I can’t remember exactly why they moved, but I know they were having a ton of lag and I think there was a pretty annoying glitch.


So we packed up the family and house and moved to Isla Paradiso.


Isla Paradiso, a place so hot that the University Mascot shows up in his swim trunks.

No you can’t use our pool.


And everyone got to skilling. With the game running smoother, it was time to get everyone up to speed on them.


And baby 3 presents itself!

Whenever I move towns with a pregnant sim, I always have a minor panic attack until they pop/give birth.


Our first night and we get a visitor! I almost had Prima chase her down, but she was uninteractable.


I’m hoping that I’ve mentioned Harkin’s LTW before now, but if I haven’t, sorry.

Harkin is working to become an Illustrious Author. So far, he’s about level 5-7 on painting, so it’s time to work on writing!


I’m not sure why we have this but part of me thinks that Penny had a wish for one. So, I caved and gave her one.


Elsewhere, Grandpa Liam is taking care of the wonder twins.


This picture is here A) To show how big Prima has gotten. B) Because I think it’s a cute shot and I wanted to.


Penny seems to be utilizing the gift that I gave her. No other memories are popping into my head soooooo…LET’S MOVE ON!!!


Prima goes into labor and –

Why are you so calm?

” Because this is the end of the update and if I don’t pace out my reactions, my face will freeze in labor agony. ”

Good point and thank you for announcing that development! This is indeed the end. It is gonna take me some time to get the hang of writing this legacy. I can’t exactly remember all of the quirk and things that I use hear that I may or may not use elsewhere. But I thank those of you reading for your patience and holding tough with me.

Next time we welcome the newest Zane! See ya next time, buddies!

1.2 – Neglect– Boom Bam: A Zane Baby Boom Challenge

*Insert stock greeting* *waves*

Sorry about that, but my brain is on…well…


Fun fact: that is my go to phrase for exhausted brain. Anyway, you’re not here for me to quote Buffy at you! You’re here for my nonexistent simming skills. *wink* *doubleguns**trips and faceplants*

Anyway, I want to inform you of something. With the fact that I spend most of my free time, what little I have anyway, playing not writing, I’m gonna start making these longer. They’re are gonna be a lot more images. I’m not really actively reducing my word count, but I’m going to try covering more ground. Moving on!

Last time! Barth aged into a toddler, we welcome the first girl of the challenge, Olwen, and Cammie got pregnant once again. Also they were super broke and it was all kinda miserable. But I don’t foresee that changing all that much.

Screenshot-31 (2).jpg

We start with my stellar idea for money earning. Child labor monetary contributions by way of creative expression. One will get us arrested, one is the motto of a shady Montessori school.

Screenshot-32 (2).jpg

With their perpetual creation of new children and the constant care needed to keep the social worker out of their business, there is nary a spare dollar to expand again. Usually it wouldn’t be too pressing, but with Barth’s age up, Olwen’s slowly creeping up, and the impending birth of another podling, they need an expansion post haste.

Bradley gets saddled with flower picking duty, which in retrospect is probably less stressful than child care.

Screenshot-33 (2).jpg

Luckily his dedicated picking yields enough to create a closet for Barth to sleep in, a nursery expansion,  and for a little extra space.

Screenshot-35 (2).jpg

Which is good because another pregnancy has flow by without documentation.

Screenshot-36 (2).jpg

Not to be outdone by her mother’s screams, Olwen decides she wants to scream to distract from her new sibling. Thanks  -_-

Screenshot-37 (2).jpg

Luckily, Cammie slinks into the nursery and gives birth to another little girl!

This little sweetie is Orelle. Her traits are Excitable and Genius.

And here is where the title of chapter comes in. Don’t panic. It’s nothing awful…at least not for the Zanes. So, I mentioned last time in my exit that I have been engrossed in the gameplay more than capturing. Because of that, I may look to you fine people as if a few days have been lost. Which leads us here. And here was written two days ago and I lost about half the update to dumb wordpress!

Screenshot-38 (2).jpg

Orelle ages into a tot! With care and skilling, there is no time for pictures. So we missed a whole chunk of days.

Screenshot-39 (2).jpg

Not to be outdone yet again, Olwen ages up too!

Screenshot-41 (2).jpg

No one is ever happy in this household, I tells ya! Although, Orelle is another cutie.

Screenshot-42 (2).jpg

Olwen cleans up well too! While I’m never good at telling, Olwen looks like she’s got Cammie’s nose and Bradley’s everything else. Like I said I could be wrong.

And let’s not forget the most important thing, she rolled Mean-Spirited. So, we won’t be watching her for her looks. We’ll be making sure she doesn’t set the house ablaze.

Screenshot-43 (2).jpg

Olwen’s room,and future “girl’s” room, is a little spare. Thanks to Bradley working and Cammie getting a painting finished there is a tiny nest egg to expand on the house a wee bit.

Screenshot-46 (2).jpg

They even had enough to upgrade the appliances and add a couple more counters.

Screenshot-44 (2).jpg

Here’s a better shot of Orelle. I think the nose is Brad’s but I can’t really discern. I do kinda love her though. She’s got little points to her ear and she’s precious.

Screenshot-45 (2).jpg

See! So cute!

Screenshot-49 (2).jpgScreenshot-48 (2).jpg

These two, before making baby #4, need a romantic pick me up. With both of them apart most of the time taking care of kids or making cash, they never get much time to be together in any other way than for procreation. And there is really no room or time for romantic burn out.

Screenshot-51 (2).jpg

Although that’s not to say they won’t be making the next kid.

Because that’s totally what they did.

Screenshot-31 (3).jpg

Since I’m tired of that glitched pink dress, I downloaded a little CC I have on my usual computer and got her a maternity compliant outfit so I don’t have to deal with it.

Screenshot-32 (3).jpg

Random shot of the bus to mark passage of time.

Screenshot-34 (3).jpg

And it took Cammie two sim hours to pop. And I honestly didn’t really watch it happen. I was more watching the stove to make sure the whole challenge didn’t go up in flames.

Screenshot-35 (3).jpg

Apparently, Cammie is trying to help put out any impending fires by peeing on them.

Screenshot-38 (3).jpg

Not everything’s bad. Because I wanted to, Cammie and Bradley had another little romantic/cute session. For the most part, this is the first time this challenge that Bradley has interacted with the baby bump.

Screenshot-40 (3).jpg

Then, in a fit of whatever, the decision was made to get these two dummies hitched. It was mostly because they both have been rolling a ton of wants for the kids(skilling, grades, yadda yadda) and the two wishes both have to get married are taking up space.

Screenshot-42 (3).jpg

Does anyone else get this? I’ve had on both computers I’ve used and it annoys the absolute piss out of me. The worst is when I go out of my way to CASt a nice counter and when it auto-corners, it refuses to keep the CASting.

This time, luckily, was quickly fixed by a quick trip to buy mode. Still no less annoying.

Screenshot-43 (3).jpg

Yup…looks about right. Toddler sitting trash while we welcome another mouth to feed that we can’t afford?


Screenshot-44 (3).jpg

And we welcome boy #2 Lysander! I don’t have his traits written down and it would take forever to boot into the game so you’ll find them out eventually. At latest, I plan to give a full rundown when a child moves out so…it’ll happen eventually.


Screenshot-45 (3).jpg

And he has a twin sister! This little blue girl is Phillipa. So, now we’re at 3 girls and 2 boys.

I have no clue how I have gotten so luck with this gender distribution! Seriously. I expected to be swarming in boys and ripping my hair out for girls. But I’m not gonna jinx myself.

Screenshot-47 (3).jpg

And as it has  been going lately, when we welcome a new member, an existing member ages up.

This time it’s Barth’s turn!

Screenshot-48 (3).jpg

Look who looks like his dad!

Screenshot-49 (3).jpg

Now that he’s been made over, he looks even more like Bradley but with Cammie’s ears!

Still handsome though. And again, I don’t know his trait…whoops.

Screenshot-50 (3).jpg

Of course, now that he can, it’s time for Barth to take the reigns of toddler training.

Screenshot-51 (3).jpg

Not to say he doesn’t get to have fun of his own! He was sent out to run some errands and I let him fill some wishes at the winter festival.

Screenshot-52 (2).jpg

“Hey. Hey! I found something you were looking for.”

You did!? WEEEEEEE!!!! Oh yay!

Screenshot-53 (2).jpg

“*sob* I have so many children and my house is so small *sob* Everything is the worst!”

Want something cool to happen?

“Maybe? Do I have a choice?”


Screenshot-54 (2).jpg

While Barth just found a highly coveted elixir, the one we’ve had since Barth was born.

It is time for Cammie to take her true vampire form!!

Screenshot-56 (2).jpg

And, of course, the first thing Cammie does as a vampire is pee herself. Again.

Real intimidating there…

And with that, it’s time to wrap it up. If I keep doing the longer updates, I’m probably only one behind.

Later buds! ❤


1.1 -We’re Broke – Boom Bam: A Zane Baby Boom Challenge

Hiya guys!

I have hazelnut cocoa in a cauldron mug and cookies!! So, how are you guys?

Oh yeah! You’re here for an update that was supposed to be published like a week ago. I haven’t even played in a week!

Last time, we started off the challenge by welcoming baby boy Barth, picking up a vamp elixir, Cammie getting pregnant once again.


“Hello nooboo! Maybe Jess will let me speak more than once this time!”

Probably not! But nice try though differently angled shot!

TS3 2017-11-10 23-09-09-86.jpg

Bradley is doing pretty well in his career. Which is awesome because they really REALLY need the money.


And in a show of just how little I’m taking pictures, Barth’s babyhood disappears and it’s time for him to break from his pod!


I’m not sure if you can tell here, but he’s a cutie! And he’s got Cammie’s plum hair and ears! I love it!

Guys! This is gonna be so much fun!!


I love this! It’s so –

“You know I’m really pregnant here! I’m the star of this!”

Yes and no. But right now Barth is being attacked with the claw and that’s far cuter!


See? That’s how you get attention!

One thing you won’t really see, but will be happening unless otherwise noted is skilling. So far, in my game, all tots have been skilled but I’m just not showing most of it.


Speaking of things that went unshown, Cammie goes into labor with like…two shots of her pregnant.

But hey! New baby!


A GIRL!! GUYS! A GIRL!! I know this is like an alternate universe and all, but I was kind of expecting a wait for one of these!

This little gem, since we’re doing Boolprop x3, is Olwen. She’s easily impressed and athletic.

TS3 2017-11-14 16-56-08-07.jpg

You’re a little late on that one. She’s on number 2 and she’s engaged. Not really an issue, dummies.


More skilling! Because what else is there to

Also, I’m not sure if I took a picture of it or not, but there was a small reno done to the house. The bedroom and bathroom got moved and a small indoor living space was made and the nursery was expanded a little to make room for Olwen’s swing.


And Olwen toddlerfies! You’ll see her in a moment. Because we have more important things to take care of.


That’s right! #3 is underway!


Now for a proper pic of Olwen. I’m pleased because it looks like this challenge is going to yield cuties across the board!


“I’m nauseous, I’m dirty, the sink is broken, and my mood is in the red! Can this get any worse?”


TS3 2017-11-14 19-19-14-94.jpg

Even with somewhat steady promotions from Bradley, the Zanes are still broke as hell. The last round of renovations wiped them out.


Cammie pops into baby #3. Fun fact, I actually had to remind myself what the rules for the challenge were. The past week has been stressful as all get out.


Bradley potty training Olwen, making me look like a damn liar.


The only saving grace they have is that Cammie has progressed far enough with painting that she should start to earn actual money with it.


“Everything is awful. I was wrong. It’s worse!”

That’s what happens when you say stuff like “what’s the worst that could happen?”.


Yay! Barth is aging up into something that can feed itself!

TS3 2017-11-14 19-52-01-90.jpg

Barth is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of traits, but eh. He’s still young and we’re not really looking for perfection here. Just functional.


I can’t wait until he grows up! He’s handsome thus far!

And I’m going to cut it off here. I could really use some play time and this has been sitting around for a bit. It’s not wordy and there are some gaps because I’m honestly more engrossed in the play. There is plenty more to come, but I can’t guarantee it’ll be quick to come. I work in retail, so it’s about to get nuts and I work everyday but one this week and we are fostering a kitten who needs a lot of care. My youngest sister was in charge of him until now, but she had to go back to school five hours away. I’m glad you guys stopped by though and I hope to see you soon ❤


1.0 – Slow Start- Boom Bam: A Zane Baby Boom Challenge

Guys! Guys! Guys! I’m back with a Sims 3 challenge!!

I’ve missed this SO much! And with the new Baby Boom challenge introduced over on Boolprop, I couldn’t help myself. While I’m still on the back-up computer, I was able to tinker around and make the game playable!

I’m so excited to be going forward with this challenge. If you’re interested, check a look at the challenge rules I linked above. The main premise is to have your sim couple produce 12 girls and 12 boys. All in honor of Boolpop’s 12th Birthday!! Yay!


And what other sim would I use for this challenge! Cammie Zane, the founder of my OWBC and one my favorite sims, will be one half of our hapless pair.

Cammie is an Unlucky, Loser, Ambitious Genius who is also Artistic. The artistic trait was added especially for this challenge. Since only one will be able to work and Cammie was a pretty awesome skiller, I’m letting her stay home. Plus maternity leave would mess up everything anyway.


And this is Bradley Zane, Cammie’s fiance. He was the co-founder of my OWBC and when I thought of a couple I would want to have 24 children, they were it. They never had any daughters and their sons were all very handsome. So I want to see how far we can push it. I’m letting him and Cammie share a last name because I didn’t feel like looking up what his original last name was or playing around with the kids last name.

Bradley’s traits consist of Loner, Disciplined, Photographer’s Eye, Handy, and Athletic. These are just as they were when SP spit him out a year ago in Starlight Shores.


So here’s their hou- sha- thing. Here’s the deal with this. The most expensive lots in Lucky Palms, the current world I forgot to mention we were starting in, top out at about $9,000. But you’re supposed to have a legacy-ish start. So I decided to meet the rules in the middle. I build a mostly outdoor living thing and then familyfunds away all but $400. The bathroom and bedroom are enclosed, but are hardly furnished and have the cheapest accommodations possible. They might have a slight advantage with their counters and fridge, but today sucked and this state of things isn’t going to change rapidly. So…just whatever. I also gave them each an item. Cammie got an easel and Bradley got the chin-up bars. Both were cheap. Again, sue me.

Screenshot-32.jpgTS3 2017-11-10 20-15-59-59.png

After building and robbing them blind, it was time to send them on their tasks. The plan at the moment is to go a full day before Cammie gets pregnant. So Cammie sets to painting and Bradley gets a Military job.


And this was most of the day.


Bradley spent a lot of time falling off the chin-up bar and giving this face.


Why are you in your bathing suit?

“It’s hot! I’m sweating and I’m going to die!”

You’re not going to die, but whatever. She finished the paint shortly after.


Bradley wanted to go on a jog and, while the painting didn’t net much, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check out the current selection at the Elixir shop. Nothing was there of import. Right now, we need the Blessing of the Fae and Vampire’s Bite. We have some time to get those(and the cash needed to buy them), but that is how we are going to keep Cammie and Bradley alive long enough to have the 24+ children.

Reasonably, I know they could have started as occults, but think of it as making up for the financial advantage.


Okay. So it wasn’t a WHOLE day, but I was getting antsy and when I get antsy, there is really no way to rein me in.

And they scored on the first try!!


Things are moving pretty quick around here. Bradley ran off to his first day at work and Cammie was left to her nausea.

TS3 2017-11-10 21-00-40-62.jpg

After spending most of her day scrounging for flowers at the summer festival, which dummy me forgot to get a picture of, Cammie checked in with the Elixir shop and found our first elixir on the list! I was expecting to have to wait forever! So they went completely broke purchasing the vamp elixir.

Cammie won’t be drinking it for a while because A) She’s pregnant and can’t B) I want to have Bradley’s potion ready to drink as well.


Cammie went back to the festival and try to recoup some of their losses, but popped into her bump instead.

And in that horrible glitched pink dress no less. Someone will be sporting formal wear for the next few days.

TS3 2017-11-10 21-38-02-08.png

12 to 15 hours later and Bradley get promoted! We really need the cash. There is no place for the baby and Cammie is maybe on her third painting.


Luckily, they could afford a tiny, tiny addition for a nursery. The crib and light are it, but at least the baby will have somewhere to sleep.

TS3 2017-11-10 22-26-40-61.jpgTS3 2017-11-10 22-20-55-19.jpg

Most of the pregnancy has been spent on skilling for both Cammie and Bradley with intermittent needs/work breaks. Around the same time, both reached level five in their respective skills! Cammie sold a couple more paintings and Bradley has SLOWLY been trying for another promotion.


The only reason I mention it is because Cammie’s in labor and I have no other photos of the rest of the pregnancy. WHOOPS!


I did have her move into the nursery, however. The last thing I need is Bradley running around like a chicken with its head chopped off.

TS3 2017-11-10 22-30-40-36.jpg

Shocker of all shocker, the first Zane baby of the challenge is a boy. While I was a bit tempted to name the first baby Balin, after the first child of my OWBC, this little guy from the jump doesn’t seem close to Balin and I wouldn’t want to impose standards on him.

Also, as many others are doing, I will be bucking the all B names in favor of doing BOOLPROP in triplicate.


Instead, in a flurry of sparkles and excitement, we welcome little Barth. Why Barth? Because I was at a loss for B names and all I could think of was Bart or Bartholomew. Neither was a good fit so I split the difference.

There was a measure of disappointment when he didn’t come out blue, but we have 23+ chances for little blue babies.


Oh and the first thing he does out of the womb is to start wailing!


Oh well! Why not make another!?

Cammie dumped Barth in his crib and went to try for another. This one took two tries, but I won’t complain. Still managed it fairly easily.

After said woohoo, both Cammie and Bradley rolled wishes to Get Married and to Marry Cammie/Bradley. That’s incredibly sweet and all, but I wanted to wait til they got to a midway point to get these two loons hitched.


I’ve been trying to cut down on my photos as of late, so again we skip ahead to morning sickness.


And with Cammie’s pop for baby #2, we must part for now.

I know this was a bit of a slow start. In part, it’s due to the fact I haven’t been doing all that much lately in terms of Sims. I’ve been reading and playing Fallout 4. And the other part is I have been working a lot. This is my first day off in a week and even my recreational activities have been mostly stalled.

So, I hope you guys will hold tight as I try to get my bearings again.

Tata for now ❤

Question Time!

Heyo! Thanks to somebodysangel13, we have another round of questions to do. I actually have some that I had forgotten about courtesy of Fluffymao over on my Rainbowacy. I swear I’ll get to them. Everything is kinda of a huge mess right now. I’m just good at acting! Not really but…


Anyway, I’m guessing these are Leibster Questions. So on with the Q & A!


  1. What’s your favourite movie? Honestly, I’m not really sure I have one. There is a deep seeded place in my heart for  The Wizard of Oz , but I’m hard pressed to say it is my all time favorite. Beauty and the Beast(the animated one) is pretty close. But again, it comes from a very deep loving place. Neither are ones I’ll stop everything and watch if it’s on or go out my way to watch with any frequency. The closest to that criteria is probably Clue. Damn do I adore that movie. I can be in a horrible mood but if someone turns it on, I’ll watch and smile. But I don’t really think I have a definite favorite.
  2. Have you ever broken a bone? If yes, which and how?   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’ve broken so many. But funny enough, none up until college. Since I turned eighteen, less than a decade mind you, I’ve broken SO many toes, done a bunch of damage to my ankle, and last summer fractured my tibia.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I’m working with a broken big toe at the moment, but thanks to it being a toe and me not having insurance, it never got checked. So…I can totally take care of myself…guys? Guys?
  3. What would be your dream car? How about the car you own now (assuming it’s not your dream one)? I’m not really sure of this one. I don’t have a car or license to drive at the moment, but I think I would like something small and fuel-efficient. I used to love VW Bugs but that waned into my twenties and now…as long as it would get me from place to place, not kill the environment, and not cost a billion dollars to maintain, I’m set.
  4. Do you like wearing jewellery? Any specific type (rings/necklaces/etc)? Yes and no. I like necklaces but I’m kind of allergic to cheap metals. I break out in rashes and stuff. It’s awful. I only have one necklace that I wear often(and that’s not very often). It’s a bunch of necklaces my mother and sisters have given me on one chain. It’s mostly sentimental and a comfort object. I wore it faithfully through most of my time in college. Other than that, not really at all. Rings and bracelets get in my way and I always forget to keep earrings in so the holes close.
  5. Favourite candy/chocolate bar? Oh! Easy! Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Ad they’re local! Mostly. The Hershey Company is based about an hour from where I’m at. They have a theme park and bunch of stuff too! There are even people in anthropomorphize candy costumes. Those poor actors. Those suits can be hell. Fun fact, the Hershey Company even has a spa where you can get chocolate baths and face scrubs and stuff. Not my bag, though. Sounds sticky and messy.
  6. What special power would you put in your own Iron Man suit? Every super power I would want would be something akin to a genetic mutation so you can’t really put it in a Iron Man suit. BUT it would be awesome if I could fold it up really small and it came with like bonkers fast wifi just for me! I could finally install Fallout 4! But yeah, nothing really cool.
  7. Which side of the bed do you prefer? Whichever one the cat’s not on. I’m not even joking. Tonks decides my side of the bed.
  8. How do you normally sleep; back/stomach/side? Stomach all the time. On my stomach with my face buried in my pillows.
  9. Do you have names picked out for future children? What are they? Not really. However, if I do ever have a daughter, I do really love the name Evelyn. It’s super versatile. Which I something I like about my name. I have a choice in nickname and I like that. It’s something I would want for my kid.
  10. Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Yes and its gotten way worse since I moved back home a few years ago. When I was in college, I traveled around the US a couple times to go to a few conferences. And before that, I had always wanted to travel. But now, being pent up in nowhere Pennsylvania, I just want to disperse myself around the world and experience it. To see how other places live and function because this just can’t be it. I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures and even some lovely things in the US. I just want adventure in the great wide somewhere. This provincial life f–ing sucks.
  11. Favourite place you’ve been? Portland, Oregon. Like I looked into graduate schools hoping there was a program there. It was such a nice city. I spent a lot of time away from the group just wandering. I loved it. And Powell’s Books is  amazing.


And that’s it. I’m not really sure who I’d nominate that moment, so for the moment, I’m going to delay that. As soon as I can, I’ll post that up with some questions.

Weirdmageddon – Chapter 2- TS2 Monster Mash

Welcome back to the Monster Mashed Potatoes! Wait…that isn’t right…

Oh Well!

Mance Ripley is back for the second installment of the Monster Mash challenge!

Are you excited!? I am! SO MUCH has happened. So much I’m not sure I can fit it all in here without boring you to death! I’m hoping to keep this under four or five parts, but no guarantees.

One thing, sorry for the sloppiness of some the shots. I’m mostly going for posterity and not artistry.


Last time, Mance went and graduated from Sim State with a degree in Art. Which netted us the camera the we so badly needed. While in school, he manged to score a gaggle of points and a silver bot badge. He also got engaged to Jane Stacks…who did not last as his fiance. Upon moving to Desiderata Valley, he leveled high enough to get the camera and then quit to fulfill his true passion of Oceanography. He also met Natasha Una and we both agreed she was the one true spouse.

And Mance has yet to be abducted. We’re going slow with this.


Since Natasha moved in, she got a bit of a makeover. I wasn’t going to do anything, but when she had a bath, her hair changed and I thought it looked really nice. This was not that style, but I like this more.


With Jane out of the way, Mance pops the question.


Natasha is definitely the one! It only took one try!


Speaking of Jane, she’s gonna be a huge nuisance. Looks like Mance needs to build us a sentry bot. This is going to be a wild ride and nobody(me) wants to fool around with cockroaches.


And since Natasha brought in an entire bank with her, it was time to build the Ripley homestead.


You’re only getting a shot of the first floor, mostly because, besides the telescope, there is nothing upstairs but empty rooms. There are two bedrooms up there just waiting for alien babies.


With not much going on, I sat and watched Mance while away at the bench.

His to-do list is pretty short. Sentry-bot and Servo. It’d be great if the Servo could be completed before babies!


Since Natasha’s a grilled cheese sim and I would like her to work on topping some kind of career, she enrolled in Music. Mostly due to her creativity skills.

Well, she got herself fired off a bad chance card. Don’t let the pout fool you, she moved on really quick.


While we had a second, I had Mance grab a picture of Natasha for the wall.

Thank plumbob for that camera. We would have no time for anything else if we were doing painted portraits.


Afterwards, those two kids get hitched. In front of the energizer. That I didn’t want to admit to using. The rules said we can use them and Mance has 100,000 points saved up from college. Thank god for knowledge sims in college.

But they’re married! Yay!


As much as I wanted to have Mance do this without the FT perk, marrying Natasha gave us the last point we needed and I’m getting impatient.


While Mance is trying to get us an heir, Natasha has nothing to do. I figure Natasha can get to the point and make us some clothes without having to run out.


It only took a few hours for our outer space friends to show up and pick up Mance.


A few hours later, they drop Mance back off with an extra passenger on board!

Also, look how jacked-up his face looks.


One thing I hadn’t noticed is that Natasha has been trying to make friends with Jane. Even though Jane keeps forcing her way into the house. So you can’t blame her. What would you do if your husband’s crazy ex kept breaking into the house?


Mance works extra hard to get the sentry-bot up and running


Not without some interruptions. Luckily, he didn’t need to vomit too many times.


He is the happiest I’ve ever seen a sim bot building!


And pop 1! Yeah nothing happened for an entire day.

But alien baby!


Even if he’s pregnant, he still has to go to work.

But he nabs a promotion!

You know? His maternity outfit looks every outfit I wear around during the winter, but without the elastic ankles and maternity stuff.


Eat! Eat your fill!

Two for one special!


After making sure we get both an heir and a spare, Mance finishes up our servo!

Sims2EP9 2017-07-11 21-10-59-18.jpgsnapshot_266eb9fd_067165fa.jpg

Guys meet Sandy! She’s exactly like Mance except for her LTW which is to top Journalism. We’ll see about it, but maybe not for a bit.


With the house clean and nothing else to do, her playful points show themselves.


Being fall, which I didn’t mention til now( Hey guys! It’s fall), Natasha was able to speed through sewing and made herself this outfit. I thought we could stick to the boho look.


Second pop! 24 hours till we meet our sheep! Can I call a baby black sheep, in this instance, a lamb?


The final stretch is really hard on Mance.


There is nothing going on beside Mance hobbling through. Sandy spends most of her time channel surfing, Natasha is sewing, and a whole day goes by with anything notable.

Sandy does have a job in education, but that’s like 7 hours of the day.


I just wanted a shot of Mance laying under that stars with his hand on his belly.

Sue me.


Something’s happening!


Sims2EP9 2017-07-11 21-44-03-42.jpggiphy-downsized (4).gif

snapshot_266eb9fd_06716deb.jpgSims2EP9 2017-07-11 21-45-33-22.jpg

I wanted to pick the Black Sheep from birth so I figured whichever baby came first would be heir.

The twins are mixed gender and this little girl is first out!

snapshot_266eb9fd_a6716e64.jpgsnapshot_266eb9fd_26716e78.jpgSims2EP9 2017-07-11 21-48-35-39.jpg

My first instinct was to name the kids of this challenge after The Munsters. It was actually the last name of my first attempt. But I realized that I’m planning for two more kids and if I would happen to get two more girls I would only have one more female name without research.

So in keeping with weird and monsters and just plain old awesomeness, I landed on one my favorite shows that I have found in the past year, Gravity Falls! So our heiress and black sheep will be Mabel! Part of me loves this! Mabel is my favorite character. Her twin brother, much like in the cartoon, is Dipper! Also an awesome character. Break out the lambie dance!


Once the twins are laid in their cribs, we got a shot of Sandy.


We also snap one of infant Mabel. I’m covering every base.


Another promotion for Mance.


And we have the education bookshelf.


That’s a lot of poop.


There hasn’t been a lot going in on the few days since the twins were born. I’m trying to limit picture-taking, even if I’m not succeeding. But this is a cute one of…Dipper?


The twins age up on me, because I forgot. Whoops.

But both are quite cute! Thank goodness for PT replacements. I have the same one that Heather, who did the original Monster Mash, has. At least I think.  Both twins have Spock eyebrows though. It makes Dipper look impossibly evil.

Sims2EP9 2017-07-11 22-56-08-88.jpg

Speaking of which, he kind of is! Dipper is meaner than viper devil on a bad day.

Sims2EP9 2017-07-11 22-56-12-25.jpg

And Mabel is almost an exact opposite. Except for both being insanely playful.


With their marriage being not long before the twins were conceived, I figured that I might as well kill two birds with one stone. Time for a Honeymoon/Track down Bigfoot trip.


Mance checked them into the second most expensive hotel. They may be meeting Bigfoot but that doesn’t mean they can’t stay in a decent place if they have the means.


Before we hunt down Bigfoot, Mance and, to lesser extent, Natasha enjoyed the locale. And the inside of their room, but mostly the locale.


But not to worry. We did eventually hunt down Bill Bigfoot. His name makes me laugh a little. Alliteration is fun!


It took the rest of the vacation to convince Bill to move in! Like down to the wire. We managed to move him in


Celebratory Bigfoot Hug!!!


Bill moves in and immediately put on nanny duty. It’s not all bad for him. He started rolling wants for the twins pretty quick. In any other instance, I would be highly suspect but…eh whatever.


Will Bill around and Mance all relaxed from the vacation, it’s time to get the twins skilled. I have to say, I miss TS3 toddler skilling. Ignoring the walker and playpen, it just feels like they learn a little faster. But hey, we got smart milk and Lifetime Rewards balance of like 75,000. We’re good.


I added an expansion on the back of the house that used to be the roof. I even added a tiny room for Bill.

An off-topic thing. So you can skip the next paragraph if you like. 

Every time I write Bill, I think about the most recent Doctor Who Companion. Her name is Bill Potts and she is AMAZING! She’s may be one of my favorites, second only to Donna Noble. She’s definitely the best (in my opinion) since Tennant regenerated. The season that just ended made me feel like I hadn’t about the show in a while. But it totally made me love it again! Not that I didn’t enjoy or like the others, it just makes me feel like when I first watched.

giphy-downsized (6).gif

*Note the author does not condone or promote the abuse or over use of emoji. Unless you’re texting your sister and being annoying. She really just wanted a GIF of Bill Potts with the Doctor.

And this ends Jess’ fangirl corner. 


Stinky little heiress. She wouldn’t potty train because she was tired so she ended up stinky upon waking.


When Bill isn’t playing nanny, he’s also the house seamstress. Here he’s working on clothing the twins until adulthood.


The twins are nearing their child birthdays so I figured it was time to get working on the phase of babies. One abduction and one the natural way, so Natasha can contribute a little.

There are points for getting a dance sphere abduction, so let’s hope.


Before we set Mance up for constant and unending sphere time, we need to get Natasha pregnant first.

Since jingles were heard first try, we have another sibling on the way.


And it takes no time for Mance to get abducted. Like I almost missed it no time. I clicked away to check on the toddlers, and when I clicked back this was all I saw.

This whole thing has been a practice in making me a liar about my awful luck. I swear I have awful luck. Just like I swear I’m intelligent. Both things I seem to have a hard time proving…damn it.



There’s a wolf!


Even if she’s pregnant, Natasha has been designated as our werewolf liaison. I don’t remember who I picked this up from but since this also isn’t a passive mood booster, we’re going to try to make sure we can get her all lycanthropic as soon as possible.


She marathon socialized with the wolf, but had to puke…like three times. She was not having a good pregnancy.


Speaking of annoying things, Mance returned and there were no jingles and no pregnancy.



On another note, this wolf is a giant dick.


And the twins are extremely unhappy. It would be different if they were on opposite or the same schedule. But Dipper is just a little ahead of Mabel, thus waking her up every stinking time.


And no matter how hard I tried to get Mance abducted again, it was a no-go.


Seriously, Natasha is miserable. Every hour she’s puking. I literally had her clean the toilet then throw up in it. I stopped having them clean it until this is over.


First pop!


Mance spent all day, besides the few hours he went to work, on the dance sphere and nada. So impatient me decided to forego the points and just FT perk it up.

Also, look at his face!


Update on Sandy…there is no update. She got a new job in journalism, she goes to work, and sometimes helps with the toddlers. Other than that she plays in the tub or watches TV. I like having her and Bill around but the house feels really cramped. And this is before the Natasha’s baby and the alien baby we’re trying for.

Plus her favorite thing to do is wake the twins up to needlessly feed them. I always have to cut her off.


Nothing better sums up Mance’s latest abduction more than his face. He’s not pregnant! AGAIN!

Ugh!! Just looking at the picture frustrates me! And it’s too hot to be frustrated! I guess I’ll end this here, as much as I didn’t hit the actual milestone I wanted to. This is running too long and I’m trying to make you guys like me! No runaway at the length.

See ya next time, buddies ❤



We Did The – Chapter 1- TS2 Monster Mash

I finally started one!

And Hi! How are all of you guys? What’s new? Am I slow-rolling? You betcha.

So for a long time now, I’ve had a huge itch to do The Monster Mash Challenge since they unveiled it at Halloween over on Boolprop. With my life lately being a hurricane of stress and anxiety, I took a bit of a rest from TS3 and my Zane legacy. TS2 is my relax game. While TS3 has to be my favorite, TS2 just relaxes me 95% of the time. I had actually started this challenge once before but my founder die during his first pregnancy and I was too frustrated/embarrassed to try again. UNTIL NOW!

I’m gonna pre-apologize for the really lazy tone this might have. I’m trying with this, but not….too…hard. Sorry guys. It’s really just me being a huge bum.

So let’s do the mash! Let’s do the Monster Mash!

This non-camera lookin’ chap is Mance Ripley. He’s a knowledge sim with….some kind points….I need to check.

*boots up game*

His stats are 5,5,3,8,4.

Anyway, his name was taken from the Game of Thrones character Mance Rayder. Which wasn’t for any reason other than I liked it. His last name was for Ellen Ripley and totally intentional. He’s badass(not really but go with it) and will encounter aliens and monsters!

Mance here is going to be doing a college start. Which I have no real idea what that entailed, so I kept to the basic rules of the challenge. This was mostly so he can become an artist later and get us that camera for the PORTRAITURE and BEFORE AND AFTER mini-challenges.

It still provided me with ways to  feel like I was cheating within the confines of the rules.

snapshot_466e79c5_a66e7b23.jpgSims2EP9 2017-07-09 16-05-45-92.jpg

While Mance wants to top Oceanography as his LTW, he really doesn’t get a say in it and he declares the major I want him to!

And what I want/the challenge needs is an Art Major! He’ll probably get to be in the Oceanography career eventually once we get the camera, but he has to do it with the Art degree.


While I’ll show a few exceptions, this is what most of Mance’s college life boils down to. His social life is limited and he doesn’t get to have much fun.


This is one of those exceptions. Since I started up with TS2 again, I’ve had crazy bad luck trying to find a vampire. It has been nearly impossible. The plan WAS to have Mance visit Downtown every few nights to see if we could find one without me wanting to punch a puppy calendar (because I would want to punch something cute, but I abhor violence against animals).


Mance immediately wanted to sing karaoke. But fate intervened.


I couldn’t have been happier to be wearing my headphones! It’s usually hit or miss if I’ll have them, but when I did, I found a vampire!!


And Mance literally followed it to the bathroom, or at least as far it he could because it turned out to be a Contessa.

giphy-downsized (3).gif

You guys have no clue how damn excited I was to find this Contessa. I never canceled out an action so hard or so fast. Have a Kimmy Schmidt to express my sheer joy at this. This was like…three sim days into the challenge. I wasn’t expecting this until my heir/ess was a teen and I was freaking the hell out trying to find one.

snapshot_466e79c5_466e7fc2.jpgsnapshot_466e79c5_266e801b.jpgSims2EP9 2017-07-09 16-26-29-58.jpg

Mance spent the rest of the night hanging out with the Contessa until they were friends. We aren’t going to need her for quite some time, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to call her every so often to keep the friendship up than to find another one.



Thanks to Mance doing his college work and fufilling a few other wants, we were able to afford this puppy. I love this. It’s the weather thingie. I really don’t remember the name and…I’m not looking it up.

But I adore this thing because it can change or extend any season. Now, before doing this, I SCOURED the rules about what I was about to do. There is nothing that says I can’t use this thing. The only Lifetime Rewards that can’t be used are life extending ones and passive mood booster. This is not a passive mood booster and…

Sims2EP9 2017-07-09 16-37-08-40.jpg

The plan is to extend the current fall season for the duration of Mance’s stay. Mostly to keep me from wanting to punch that puppy calendar again.

It did eventually feel ishy, but…not technically illegal. Since it did start to feel ishy, Mance’s college time will be the only use of this strategy.

Because ishy.


What I didn’t mention before was that I kinda got Mance involved in a phone relationship with Sim State(where he is) townie.


This is Jane Stacks. You might not recognize her because of my defaults. But since there is not explicit rules saying this is forbidden, I went for it.


I think they’re quite sweet together.


To the point where both he and I wanted to have him propose. Something that was a mistake many times over.


Firstly because she was having NONE OF IT!!


So, Mance socializes the crap out of her.



You suck, Jane.

Sims2EP9 2017-07-09 17-34-14-67.jpg

Yes, they aren’t super compatible. Mance is more into blondes, but still. This was his relationship panel when tried the second time!


More socialization later, she finally accepted. This was dumb on my part, but we’ll get to that idiocy later.

God, I’m dumb sometimes.

Sims2EP9 2017-07-09 17-17-08-13.jpgSims2EP9 2017-07-09 16-59-25-86.jpg

Speaking of dumb me things, I missed putting these in the right order. Since I’m lazy and it’s hot, here they are.

Mance does predictably well.

My TS2 college strategy has always been front load the work. Unlike in TS3, if you get the bar up within the first 24 hrs, you don’t get a penalty for working on other things and skipping class for the duration for the semester!

Can I do that for grad school?


And this is what he does the rest of the time. Nerd dance!

giphy-downsized (5).gif

Do I know some people don’t like gifs?


Do I totally care?

Nope! My thing, my rules! WOot! This is what happens when you’re socially awkward and given moving pictures!

I’m also on some pain meds because I messed up my big toe pretty bad so I’m equal parts nauseated(stuff like this messes up my stomach) and loopy.

Sims2EP9 2017-07-09 18-00-13-15.jpg

I missed almost all of Mance’s sophomore year except this.


As a reward/prep for the future, all of Mance’s grant money from the last two years is poured into a robotics bench.

We’re gonna want a servo for the STRANGE FRIENDS mini-challenges. As well, I’m tired of mascots. Meaning a sentrybot is in order.

Sims2EP9 2017-07-09 18-24-22-51.jpg



Thanks to the perpetual fall, Mance is not only blazing through skills, but his badge work is easy-going.

My moral compass aches.


Mance also paints himself a portrait. As much as I want the camera, it’s not the worst time filler to have SOMETHING like this.

Sims2EP9 2017-07-09 19-13-43-77.jpgSims2EP9 2017-07-09 19-46-09-50.jpgSims2EP9 2017-07-09 20-20-25-32.jpg

And no pictures were taken for the duration of Mance’s college stay.

Most of it was unimportant or skilling. Nothing really worth noting.


Mance: I look like Prince Charming and I finally get to speak!

Don’t get used to either of those things.

Sims2EP9 2017-07-09 20-20-33-52.jpgSims2EP9 2017-07-09 20-20-35-66.jpg

Before he departs for Desiderata Valley, I figured I would show you just how much he got done during his time at Sim State.

This is why perma-fall isn’t happening anymore. While it isn’t outlawed as a passive mood booster or life-extending thing, way too much got done.

 Also of note, while I’m not 100% on the rules to a college start, I do know you are limited in what you can bring back with you. So everything but Mance’s portrait, his plaque for maxing his gaming skill, and his diploma  are left behind.
Look at his outfit! It looks so dopey. It makes me so happy.
Anyway, he gets plopped down on the largest lot and is left with almost nothing.
This is all that Mance can afford. He was lucky the brick was only $5 a panel.
He doesn’t even have a fridge and we’re not even going for ALLOTMENT CHIC.
And with nothing but dork shorts and a bed, Mance starts digging. He needs a fridge and quick!
Sims2EP9 2017-07-09 20-47-14-81.jpg
Usually, I sell maps because they’re worth a bit and my sims don’t travel often, but Bigfoot! We need a Bigfoot!
Thanks to the digging and the sale of the free computer, Mance was able to afford a cheap fridge, a cheap computer, desk, and phone.
And since there were no suitable jobs, Mance is back to digging.
Sims2EP9 2017-07-09 20-54-21-28.jpg
Thanks to a phone chat with this lady and some previous reputation goodwill from college, she decides to send a sample.
To which I got very excited.
BLAM! And sold. Mance needs a roof way more than a tv.
So he gets a shack and a telescope in hopes of an abduction.
And the first night yields nothing. But we have time.
After searching through the help wanteds, the computer breaks and we can’t afford to buy a new one. Could Mance have attempted a fix? Probably, but we need a founder more than a computer.
If you have noticed a theme of “we need this thing more than this thing”, you are observant and also not looped out of you mind!
Mance invited Jane over in hopes of marrying her into the household.
Remember when I said he courtship and engagement was dumb of me.
This is the biggest dumb moment for me.
For some reason, I thought it was possible to marry a YA sim into the house. F-ING NOPE!
And I was not about to go back and pull Jane out of school because they kinda like each other.
Instead, the “smart” decision was to have them fight til they broke up…. this was also massively stupid.
But don’t tell past me, she might cry.
Once Jane leaves, Mance strikes out to get a new look and find a replacement spouse.
Well, at least he has decent duds now.
What happened to you? Who hurt you so badly?
 Sims2EP9 2017-07-10 17-50-04-18.jpg
When he got home and we were able to replace the computer, Mance was able to snag a job with the Art career.
We got the camera! Woot woot!
After work the next day, I sent him out to spouse hunt. I snapped this because….giggles.
Look at his bum! The whole thing is giggle worthy!
And then I hit a glitch. It was huge, but I wasn’t in the mood to fool around with it.
And after deleting the lot, putting up a new one, and moving Mance in, he repeated the entire first hour of coming to Desiderata Valley. We did pocket all the essentials though.
The move left Mance with significantly less cash than before. So his shack is smaller.
More digging!!
Of course he has to stop to stuff his face.
WOOO!!! Expansion time!
And we’re broke again.
Enjoy the overhead shot of the house. Including a bonus pic of Mance pooping.
Also, yes all that digging and finding took place before the welcome wagon showed up.
We’re efficient.
If you don’t know this woman, her name is Natasha Una. I’m not 100% sure if this is accurate, but she’s always been kinda the main face of Desiderata Valley. And I adore her. The minute she arrived to the new lot, Mance had a new spouse target.
Also I adore that hair default. It’s one of Poppet’s and it looks amazing on Natasha and Olive Spector.
Sims2EP9 2017-07-11 17-27-10-45.jpg
Thanks to the procurement of the camera, after he got back from work and could afford a computer, he casually browsed the want ads and since he no longer needs to be an artist, I threw Mance a bone.
While it’s not really apparent, Mance is about a third to almost halfway through adulthood. He’s had bum luck with the telescope, which may have to do with attempting it without the FT perk, and he’s single.
Luckily, Natasha and Mance both seem on board to flirt it up.
Super duper on board.
But, alas, Natasha was only invited over for a quick meet up before Mance had to get to work.
This is Opal Contrary and if she wasn’t married and I’m not in the mood to break up 2 relationships, she would be our spouse instead. Unlike Natasha, who I remember adoring since getting Freetime back in the day, Opal was fresh and new. She’s lovely and it would have been neat to see her and Mance’s kid.
No reason they can’t be friends though!
Mance did eventually invite Natasha over again. There is a pressing need to get rid of his fiance.
snapshot_266eb9fd_c6713307.jpgSims2EP9 2017-07-11 17-34-10-41.jpg
Upon moving in, I was once again awash in guilt. The rules only state a legacy start no full legacy rules…I guess. If someone feels like I was cheating, I’m going to exclude any points gained for money. I know you can add +10 points for every 25,000 simoleans your black sheep’s family is worth. I’m foregoing that in favor of fairness. I just want her genes not her money.
Just know, I’m kinda dumb. I’m smart, but also super dumb.
Once Natasha moved in, Mance called up Jane and the couple waited in the yard for her.
She was not amused or happy.
Jane made the whole ordeal insanely difficult. She would not let Mance break it off and she just kept wandering the house after he told her to leave.
She reminded me of the beginning of one episode of New Girl where Nick brings home a girl who freaks out and starts stealing crap. Jane behaved about as well.
And here is where I’m going to cut the saga off for now. I have quite a bit of material that would enable me to go on, but I’m kinda feeling bad about my playing thus far. Be it perma-fall and Natasha’s money, I feel like a skeeze.
I hope this was somewhat palatable for you guys and I hope you aren’t too mad there was very few monsters and very little mashing.
I’ll see you guys next time! ❤

Procrastination! – 1.2 – The Zane Legacy

Welcome back! Instead of studying, I decided to work on an update. Smart choices all around.

Anyway, last time Prima created a utopia and moved in Gary Shue.


“Hey writer-lady?”

What’s up Gar?

“Why haven’t you made over the bedroom to reflect me moving in?”

Uhhh….I’m just lazy I guess. He he he … totally just that.


Prima’s old outfit bothered me so I shook things up! I love it!

“I’m gonna go flying!”

Just don’t die.


Dew/Future fishies display!



“I’m in the kitchen!”



Serves you right!

Wait! Are you dead?!

“Hmm hmm hmm hmm”

I’ll take that as a no.


“Back to the future I go!”

Wait! Don’t you want to stick around here? Maybe marry Gary and do some present time things? You JUST came back!

“Nope. Future! Now!”


“Something doesn’t feel normal. Like I’ve done this already.”


“Maybe the spa psychic can tell me something!”

You come to the future to talk to a matchmaker?

“Spa. Psychic. Big difference. ”



What’d she say?

“She gave me a phone number and said to call it after nightfall.”

Not at all ominous.

“Nah. I’m sure this number will lead somewhere safe.”


“Hey. Yo. Who dis?”


“Yeah I’ll give you may address because it seems like the safe and logical thing  to do.”



“Hey buddy! Why did you have to wait til sun up! I have things to –

Have we met?”


“Your face is so familiar. Like I’ve known it before.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know you, Miss. Shelia at the spa said to come when you called. That destiny depends on it.”


“That’s stupid, but whatever. I’m Prima Zane. Time Traveler extraordinaire.”

“Harkin Shire.”


“What the hell did you just do! Are you a pink-haired demon?!”

Why would that be your first instinct?


“I remember you! We fell in love unexpectedly! How did I forget you?! Writer Jess?!? Did you do a plot!?!”

Only a little. Obvious from my lack of effort, obviously. So…what do you think?




“Remember me now, pal?”


“How is it possible? There are two set of memories. This makes no sense, but…”

“Spit it out. I need to choose a spouse and I have a dull normie back in the present.”


“Why not? I’m all in, too!”


Big jetpack love! Awww, how sweet!

So you, the reader, probably want some kind of explanation. At this point in play, I had been having quite a bit of trouble with freezes. It was during a week where it was intensely humid and hot. My computer does not agree with heat and humidity. However, while Prima was out and about dew/bug hunting, she ran into Harkin Shire here. They were hugely attracted to each other and however, difficult it was to pair up Prima and Gary, this relationship was the opposite. They fell for each other with such ease and passion that I thought impossible for sims. And then the game crashed. I couldn’t let it stand. They needed to be together.

Now if only there was an easy solution to this love triangle.


“I need to go home and sort a few things out but I’ll come back for you. I promise. A picture for the road?”

Funny enough, after hooking these two up did I realize that Prima was overly attracted to someone just like her dad. Both Liam and Harkin are never-nude hopeless romantic red-heads. If they weren’t so dang cute, I would be creeped out.


Prime did not look happy to return home.

“Why do I have to deal with Gary? Can’t we kill him instead?”

No. But we do have to figure out what to do with him.


Hey look! Roth!

Apparently, no one taught him how to make a snow angel. He had a want to do five of them and every single one was face down.


Interrupting the pseudo plot and Roth’s snow ineptitude, Penny’s aging to elderhood!


“I don’t want this!”


“I don’t like this!”

You don’t look bad! You make a fetching elder!

“Whatever. I want grandbabies.”

Well, Prima’s in a bit of a — Oh! Wait!


“How was your last trip, sweetheart? Make any new friends?”

“Your inane talking really turns me on, Gar!”




“So. About this relationship. Gary, we’re through. That was great roll in the hay, but yeah…definitely over.”


“Prima, this isn’t a funny joke. After all that hard work and manipulation to get us here, how could this be anything other than a joke?”

“Because we don’t actually love each other. Our courtship was just on the whim of a crazy player who thought we would make good babies. We’re through. ”


“My life was extended for you! I moved in and made myself over. How…how could you do this?”


“Yeah..yeah..you have fifteen minutes to pack whatever crap you have. You’re services are no longer needed. ”

Even Shorty wants him gone. Harsh.


Oh hey! A baking station! With Penny being the chef of the house, I figured why not pack the fridge with cavity inducing treats.


“This plan sucks.”

Oh well. You get what you want. I get what I want. Win-win.


Or maybe just a win for me.


“Suck on this!”





Eyes crossed? Has it been a whole day already?

“You didn’t take pictures of Gary crying on the lawn for twelve hours and almost freezing to death before being dragged off by a dog. ”

Did…did I fall asleep during that? It happens. Anymore, I’ll boot up the game, play for an hour or two only to pass out for a couple of hours.


“I’m pregnant!”

Duh! Neither of us were being subtle. But hey, at least you’ll end up with Harkin in the end. Unless someone else comes along….is someone else going to come along?




“Why didn’t you send me to the bathroom.”

I tried! It took you three years to pop. Go shower!


“Nah, I’m gonna read instead.”

You’re not an idiot! Do what I say!



“I’m cute. Please don’t move me out!”

Not yet. Prima won’t be able to move Harkin in for quite a bit and extra hands will help with a baby around.


Dew bubbles!

“I look like Glinda!”

Without the good part.


Prima’s entire pregnancy is trying to find stuff to take up time. She doesn’t work and can’t do any kind of traveling, so….fishing?


No matter how much time passes, Liam and Penny still got it. Zane women and their red-heads.

And look! No snow!


“Hey so…this hurts. How do I win in this scenario again!? ”

You get a baby and a soul mate!

“But no one to punch for doing this to me!”

Then go to the hospital. Gary’ll show up. There’s pregnancy telepathy or whatever. You can punch him.



Do you want to accompany your unmarried daughter?

“Hell no!”

The Zanes are a loving bunch.


And in we go!


Welcome to the family Garrus Zane. This generation’s theme will be Mass Effect. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized that maybe Doctor Who would be a better naming theme, but whatever. What’s done is done.

Garrus is Evil and a Slob. He loves Spice Brown, Shawarma, and Pop. I look forward to seeing where the dark side calls this one.


Oh! And don’t forget his twin brother!

This is Mordin Zane. Since this generation will have a male heir, I’m happy to see twin boys from Gary. Hopefully his eye shape passes to one of the two.

Mordin is an Excitable Loner. He loves White, Vegetarian Fish and Chips, and Soul. 


“I’m tired. I don’t want to hold it anymore.”

It’s your son! Pick him up and escort Prima home.

“I didn’t know about her pregnancy until now. Why the hell would I?”

Because don’t be a dick?

“I’m gonna say nope.”


Swings at the ready!

With previous crib glitches with babies, I avoid all the hassle and just keep babies in swings.


Thank goodness for their mother and Grandma Penny.

No one froze to death today!


“Parenting, like becoming rich, is easy! Just press a button!”

Your privilege is astounding.



Be a parent!

“They’re sleeping!”


Penny and Liam couldn’t be any happier. They love their grandsons. Thank goodness.


“Can I go fetch Harkin now?”

You’re sons are hours old!

“Your point?”


Fine go into the rainbow, you bum!


“I’m so glad to be back! I can’t wait to hold Harkin in my arms. It’s almost as if childbirth never happened.”

It did though. You have to go back.


“Hey girl. You look good.”

“You ready to move in with me and my kids?”

“You’re so pretty, I’m not even listening.”

Thank goodness for small favors.


“Since you weren’t really listening, marry me before you come to your senses and realize that I have two kids at home.”

“Yes! I will ignore everything you say and marry you!”


Welcome to the household, ya rube.


Back in the present, Harkin gets a slight makeover. His favorite color is sea-foam and I’m going with the blue shade of said color. Because I said so.

And that’s it for today.  Procrastination is strong with me today. I really need to study before going to work, but it, honestly, makes me feel like a huge moron. So.. I wrote you an update!

See ya later, buds! ❤


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