If you’ve found this, good job! Or yeah…I might have posted stuff and you just went poking around or whatever. But regardless, welcome!

So, borrowing an idea from many simmers, I’m making myself a side site for challenges and things I’m going to attempt that don’t need/merit their own sites. I’ll also maybe post random sim happenings. I don’t do social media, but I have often found myself longing for a simblr or a facebook dedicated to my sims. Mostly because I’m constantly having weird things happen but nowhere outside of boolprop to share them. So hence here!

This page will be stickied for a while until I find something else worthy.

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I dunno! Future! – 1.0 – The Zane Legacy


“You voted me heiress! I’m so honored I could-”

They didn’t vote. I chose and you just hijacked my intro! You guys need to stop doing that! I’m the boss lady!

Besides this is just a retread picture from the end of the last update!

*Deep breath*

Welcome guys! I’m sorry for our heiress and her delusions. So last we left off, Prima had just been bestowed the honor of heiress. And I did mention she didn’t have a LTW due to some awesome pausing on my part.

And the unpausing left me a bit empty. So I decided, instead of leaving my heiress to a life of boring hohum LTW, I would choose for her! I did of course do it selfishly, but there is fun to be had for her as well. I want to blow open this game for myself. And you know what pack I hardly use but want to? Into the Future.

Prima will have Made the Most of Her Time.


But before anything fun is done, my sympathy boiled over for Prima. She got her father’s intense thinness.  The body…modification…tube…thingie was pilfered from Liam’s points. No significant changes will be made to our heiress, just a little meat so she doesn’t look malnourished.


“Did you bring me inside just to check out my face and then send me back out?”


But you don’t look like you were chained in a basement and fed fish broth so…win?


Back outside, Prima embarks on her destiny!

“When did this thing get here?”

3 seconds ago. Kick it and move on!


“I have the power! ”


“Or not! Should I run? This is the time to run right?”

No just hold still and shut up!


“He’s charming looking. Can I marry him instead of Gary? I mean…I’m supposed to marry Gary, right?”

I thought you liked Gary!

“I do, but I could make purple haired babies with this guy! ”

You would also break the game and blink yourself out of existence.

No way. But do go chat with him. He literally holds the keys to the future. Well mostly literally. Whatever. Just go find the power cells!


“Hope nothing cool is happening while I act as house bitch.”



” Are you sure this time stream’s sanitary? It looks questionable to me!”





Whoops! Have fun in the future!


“It’s the perfect temperature here!”

Shuddup. *Sweats profusely in humid valley*


“I’m doing things!”

Just don’t fall out of the sky and die! I love Roth, but I have very little interest in playing the full way through the military career right now.


“I can DIE on this thing?!?!”

Uhhh, yeah. Duh. You’ve never touched that tech in your life and it launched you into the air. What did you think?

“I dunno! Future!”

The future is uncertain at best. A damned, burnt out husk of tears at worst.

“You have problems.”

Duh! 😀


“Lemme down! Lemme down! Lemme down! Lemme down! Lemme down!”


“Why is everything fun, deadly?”

Because it is how the universe goes. I love fries but it reduces my life expectancy.

Get on bored the crap train.


“Stupid time travelers. ”

Way to rep the past, Prima.


“This tastes like purple.”

It’s pink.

“Even better! The tech here is amazing!”


“As Prima stared up at the statue, she saw her future unfold. The path was clear. He mark needed to be made beyond her legacy roots. She would not go down s just a legacy heireess, but as a figure of time and space! She would _ “


“This is an epic moment. Why can’t I narrate? My great-great grandmother got narration!”

For three seconds and that was a one off joke. Way to be derivative.


“Whose’s trying to be epic now?!”

Shut up. I needed a pic to show you were heading into the wasteland and this was pretty. Stuff it.


Prima procured a hover board, and no I’m not going to call it by it’s proper name, it’s a hover board.

“Can I wear flats? The heels don’t work too well.”

Nope. They make the outfit work.

“You want to change my outfit.”

giphy-downsized (2).gif


Awww sleepy Prima!

*Wakes up*



“I sensed you.”

Prima. Personal space?

“What is that? ”

You can’t have him. He’ll break the game.

“But he’s pale and blue!”



While there are no special fish at the moment, this was one of the reasons for the Prima/ future match up. We need special fish.

“But we have these at home.”

We need the special fish that come later. Better?



In trying to do EVERYTHING with the future, Prima goes on a massive search for all the mysterious door pieces.



Plifer that stuff and let’s go!


“Don’t look at my butt!”



*based off real conversations that happen in my house of very weird people who happen to be related*


“This looks amazing!”

Why did the robot waiter pass out?

“Don’t know. Don’t care. Eating.”

But why….?


“I want to go home now.”

But you’ve only been here for two days. I made a rule that says you get three to avoid insane age disparity between you and the rest of the family.

“But I rolled the moodlet.”

Uggghhhh! Fine. You have to do one thing first.


Since Prima will be hoping through time and not really providing any sort of money, she checked the lotto records.

Hopefully, she’ll win enough to provide for the entire generation along with whatever job Gary/a-possible-other-person-she-might-like-but-I-doubt-she-will-find will have.


“Maybe I made a mistake-”




“Am I safe?”

Yes and we’re done for the day. We simultaneously passed three-ish days and none at all. Great start to the generation!

See you buddies next time! ❤

Anticlimactic – 0.5 – The Zane Legacy


“Welcome back, chumps! I’m in overalls! ”

Not your job!

Anyway, Welcome back for real. We’re trucking along and I couldn’t be happier about it. Playing the Zanes reminds me why I adore this game!

Last time, we had another butt ton of birthdays. I think everyone but Liam had one. They culminated in the oldest, Odette turning into a young adult and moving out.

Let’s go!


I’m not sure why my brain latched onto it, but as soon as I booted up the game, I needed to send someone to the festival.

Prima and Roth had wants to go and since it was Spooky Day, why the hell not?

Fun not: it took me a second to register how much time had really passed in game. Two updates ago, it was the dead of winter and here we are.


If you play Hidden Springs, you’ll know this is one of the Vanderburgs. It would usually be inconsequential, but he apparently divorced and immediately married Odette.

I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but I am saying she’s made a very impetuous choice.


While lining up a shot of Roth eating pie, I found this cutie!

And he’s a local. This is Gary Shue! One of the many kids that’s living with Granny Shue when you first crack open Hidden Springs.

Screw Roth’s pie eating! Sic him, Prima!


“Where is she? Does she bite?”

“If she’s like her sister, not hard enough.”

Ew. Just get friendly with her. Even if you nearing adulthood.


“I won. Don’t you care?”

Oh sweetie! I do. But find a girlfriend-


Find a boyfriend and we’ll talk.


While Prima chats up an older man and Roth pouts, it’s time for Odile to turn into a Young Adult.


Look how lovely she is. But unfortunately, she’s almost instantly a spare. I’ll show you why.


When I think someone is a face clone, I try to make them look like their parent. I put Penny’s hair on her and it was astonishing how similar they looked.

But this is unfortunately where we part ways with Odile.

We’re down to two.


“Why am I still doing this?!”

You need it for work.

“But I topped my career!”

You did not!


Oh you did….whoops.

Well then. Liam completed his LTW. Okie dokie.


Awww sleepy Shorty!


Look at how many bears were hanging out in Liam’s  inventory!

He’s also got like 7 or 8 rubber ducks!


In wanting to hook Gary, Prima stops by the elixir shop and purchases elixirs until the Fountain of Youth potion showed up.

Luckily it only took a little bit. They have a bit of money but not enough that it wouldn’t completely derail everything after ten expensive elixirs.


Immediately, Prima asked Gary out and gifted him with youth.

“I didn’t ask for this!!”

Too bad! You’ve been marked as spouse, either way.


“I can still buy booze right?”

Not sure that was ever an issue. But now it’s not as creepy if you end up with Roth or Prima.


And then everyone was boring for forever. I did get a little pissed at Prima.

SHE WOULDN’T PUT ON OUTERWEAR!! She almost froze solid three times!


The only member of the house to do anything interesting was Shorty. He’s been hunting and has started bringing home rare and exotic bugs.

This little guy is a Scarab. We’re keeping it around in case someone needs them. If I remember correctly, they can be on the tougher side to catch.


This had me gobsmacked. In the best way of course. Penny is still on her upgrade everything mission. For kicks, Liam is reading the paper and instead of sitting in a chair, joined his wife to keep her company.


Twin nap time!

Really they were napping in anticipation for birthday time.  They had to wait a few hours so I figured they should nap.


Time to find out who’s gonna be heir!


I wonder what they’re wishing for?

“Shut up and let’s get on with it!”


Up first is Roth. He’s quite handsome. While he favors his dad heavily, he seems to lack the cheek bones and possibly nose. The one thing I was worried about was his mouth. It was really pronounced as a kid, but he’s aged into it.  His final trait is Gatherer.


Prima is lovely as well! She is really the best mix of her parents. Her face is a bit gaunt, but it’s mostly likely due to how thin she is. Thank for that Liam. She gained the Computer-Whiz trait.

And then I paused the game for an hour and mentally deliberated who would carry on. I was able to catch it before Prima chose a LTW. So she was still an open book. Both were physically unique and I love both of them to utter bits. After flip-flopping around, I settle on Prima! After such a long stretch of male Zanes, I decided to let Prima have it. Some simmers have their legacies rotate gender and some just fly by the seat of their pants. I’m going to double up. So it’ll end up: F,F,M,M,F,F,M,M,F,M. Only the last two generations will be rotated.

I’m also going to keep Roth around for a bit. Until the next generation is born.

And this is also the end for now, but also an anticlimactic ending to the founding generation. Prima will take up the mantle next update!

I’m excited!

See you all later ❤

Bass Face – 0.4 – The Zane Legacy

Hi guys! Even if I’m kinda bottoming out emotional wise, I’m trudging on! I must persist! Playing distracts me from the real world and everything that gets me to those dark places. And since I feel guilt if I play too far ahead, you guys get this update!


“How you doin’?”

Thanks for that marvelous intro, Joey.


So, I’ll be the first to admit that, at times , this kind of style lends to me missing things. Unlike with the proof of Penny completing her LTW, which was more of me accidentally not saving the shots, this time was be being a bit of an airhead.

I didn’t realize Odette had gone to prom until they named her prom queen. So…whoops. She did have a full experience and got herself a boyfriend too!

I totally missed it, but I just wanted to fill you in.


I didn’t miss Penny’s adult birthday!


Sans a few lines, she looks the same. She did roll up a midlife crisis. Kind of a piss off, in my opinion.

She was immediately signed up for therapy.


While Penny did that, Odile had her birthday.


As much as I want to say she’s a clone, which she mostly is, she has a similar situation going on that Odette has.

They are just clone enough to be out of the running, but not enough to not drive me crazy.

Aging well, she gained the Schmoozer trait.


Since Prima has the angler trait, I let her run off to fish. It’s where she will be stationed most of her childhood when there aren’t things that need doing.


Just another lovey dovey shot.

I’ll be over here.


Since I’m easily frustrated, this is the closest thing you’ll get to a family gathering.

With Odette providing the music, of course.


With maxing xylophone as a toddler, Odette has had an easy run of gaining instrument skills. She hasn’t maxed any, but I like rotating them out. So I add the Laser Rhythm-a-Con to her menagerie of instruments.


With Liam’s gem collection forming from rummaging, I decided to let him  collect rocks, gems, and metals out in the world with a collector lifetime reward. I anticipated him getting abducted and thought it would be quite apt seeing as the founding spouse of the OWBC the line originated from was abducted.

I did not foresee Odile being abducted.




That is one super creeper alien.

I can usually trust them not to be huge pervs, but this guy…not so much.  He looks to be enjoying this.


Ah how time flies. I’m sure Odile was returned before this…maybe.

But the more pressing matter is the twins aging to teens!


Prima first.


She has her dad’s jaw, I’m almost positive.

But I think she’s lovely. The angle I shot her at makes her look super gaunt, but I swear it’s not the case.

She gains the Athletic trait. The little overachiever! She hasn’t rolled any “negative” traits yet!


And Roth.


He’s Liam’s boy, through and through. Everything except for the nose, I think.

He becomes Absent-Minded.


Since Penny finished her LTW already, I’ve been having her focus on domestic tasks. Mainly cooking and handiness. It keeps her busy and me entertained so I don’t do something strange, stupid, or both.


Guess who decided to play hookie on his first day.

My sister asked me if there was congestion, because he keeps flipping doing it! Yeah, there’s congestion, but all three of his sisters get in fine. He just doesn’t want to go.


It wouldn’t be as bad if scolding was optional/controllable.

I bought the Parenting pack for TS4 and that is one thing I like. If you don’t scold them, they turn out poorly, but you can make the choice. Also doesn’t start nearly as many fires due to stove abandonment.


Prima, since she attended school, was sent on an errand.


One thing I didn’t show when Odette aged up was this screen cap. Not long after she aged to teen, I noticed that she could start a fire nearby.

When checking her stats, I noticed that she(and her siblings) had all of the hidden traits passed down from the family line along with the pyromaniac trait.

When I researched, I found out they got this because of Penny’s former genieness!

In sending Prima to the store, I just got us a lifetime supply of flame fruit by buying apples! One of the fun things with that trait is the ability to transmogrify any fruit into flame fruit!

SUPER AWESOME! All of them have it!


Onto something else, since I’ve been attempting to reach out of my comfort zone when it comes to features, I decided to do something that I normally wouldn’t do even if every member of the house rolled the wish.


Evil paperboy is evil!

Moving onto the reveal.


The Zanes adopted a cat!!

Since Penny is a cat person and Roth loves all animals, I decided to push my comfort.

I usually abstain from pets due to the chaos the sims kick up. I don’t want them to die or get taken away, so I usually avoid them.

But this little guy got lucky.


This is Shorty. His name in the adoption screen was Short tail. It took me too long to realize his tail was nubby. But it didn’t feel right to have him named so bluntly, either.


At least Shorty looks pleased.


Just like with my real cat, I spent way too much time taking pictures of Shorty. Cute little bugger!


Sheer elation.


I missed this face. When her great-great grandmother made the bass faces, it entertained me for days!

It still entertains me, but it’s less fun without fangs.


But alas, we will no longer be able to enjoy her bass face.

It’s time for Odette to age up and leave the nest. Since she’s too similar, she’s not the heiress. That distinction will almost certainly go to one of the twins.


“I wish to have a life free of Jess’ lazy writing and full of money and husbands and no babies to piss of Jess.”

Not as bad as Jess just finding out that the Prima didn’t get the pointed ears! True story, with playing a ahead, I found out that Odile was the only one to get the ears. D:

It’ll make choosing an heir hard.


But onto our first spare, I will sorely miss Odette. I have her saved for whenever the time comes to make a Adopt a Zane 2.0 page.

But for now, farewell and enjoy the Story Progression stream.


To cope with her first born moving out of the house, I send Penny on a upgrade binge.

What else has she got to do with her time?


Besides selling her old blog and making a new one.


Shorty is getting big!!


And Shorty is quite the handsome fellow! Time for him to become a hunting machine!


Elsewhere, Prima left the house at 5am under my own assumption that she would be fine. Instead she got arrested.




Of course, Penny lost it.

Prima looks horrified! As with Roth, who was just accidentally called Rook in my head, Penny let her off the hook immediately after.


They got a maid! They have enough cash, due to my hording, to afford it comfortably.

And guess whose settings reset? You guessed it and it reset to a rotating lunar cycle.


In her free time, Penny has started gardening and I did not need that to be undone by stupid zombies. Peashooter, who I am just now naming Frank, don’t fail me now!

Also, Penny’s garden was supposed to have some pictures to introduce it but apparently…not.


One up! And one right back down!

Go Frank!! You rock little pea-pod!


Well damn. Whatever. Don’t eat the plants or legacy sims.


And this is all I have for now. I actually had what I thought was a finished post, but I decided to add a bit.

Hopefully, I’m re-finding my voice for this observational quipping that I’ve been doing.

See ya, Buddies ❤

Snow Joke – 0.3 – The Zane Legacy

Heyo gals and pals! What’s shakin’? Did you like the pun title? You ready for a long ride?

No? Let’s go anyway!


What a great way to start an episode! Liam peeing directly in front of the toilet.



The first thing that isn’t bladder failure is Odette’s birthday!


Since I’m awful at determining where features come from, I don’t want to make any concrete rulings. However, Odette seems to HEAVILY favor her mother. So….




Also time to see if Odile is different enough from Penny to be in the running to continue on the legacy.

One of the mental rules I set is that I want to try for some genetic diversity. To the point where I have potential spouses with some neat genes in mind for heir/esses who don’t find anyone themselves.


Back to the point, Odile is cute, but also very similar to her mother. She even got Penny’s pointed ears(that I forgot she had).

Now if I could get pointed ears and some of Liam’s features on the next one, that would be aces.


Not three seconds into toddlerhood and we commence with the toddler training.

Clearly this family has SO MUCH going on….

or not.


“Excuse me, but I’m being productive.”

Thanks for the sass Odette, but it’s still killing time.

You look adorable with sass face, though!


Penny = *blargh*

Me = Jamming and ignoring almost everything


Proof that Liam does go to work and is inching towards his LTW. He finally got his squad car.

Which means every vehicle the family owns is care of Liam. Maybe I’ll remember to teach teens how to drive.

Probably not though.


I’ll never get enough of the drawer getting stuck and knocking sims on their butt thing.

Also, Penny’s getting a new outfit.


I’ve been looking for someone to wear this for ages and it’s not bad on her. Still sticking with the kind of style, whatever it is, that I’ve given her while being good for a mom.


“Something cool happened!”

It did! And I had sworn I had screencaps of it too, but I scoured my computer and found nothing!

Anyway, Penny completed her LTW! Again, I wish I had the screencaps as proof. I was super proud of her and myself. But hey! It’s done! One untried LTW down, I have no clue how many others to go.


With her life’s aspiration complete, she can sail through this final pregnancy.


As well, Penny can spend more time with her daughters!


And use her pregnancy invincibility for some repairs.


Then nothing of note happened for…a while. As you can clearly tell from the bump size.

At least Odile will be able to poop on her own soon!


Speaking of stinky, Liam has been running the town, rummaging in trashcans for dirt on his neighbors. I hate the reports he has to write, but I’d rather him shower a ton than have to make more friends.

If I were in the mood for psychoanalysis, I’d say that speaks volumes on the kinda prson I am.


But instead look at Odile play with the cute fairy bear!


And Odette play nicely with the dollhouse!

Even if they look like their mom, they still manage to be stinking adorable!


Hopefully this one is just as adorable with a little diversity sprinkled in!


Another girl! Weee!

I’ll admit, I had a hell of a time naming this one. No matter how much research I did, I could only find one other female charater from Swan Lake. That was the queen and I was in a bind. Either name her Queenie, which has been used so many times by better legacies than mine, or get creative. So this little gem is named Prima. After prima ballerina assoluta. It’s a high honor for dancers and I figured that would be the type of dancer to dance in Swan Lake.

I had to stretch a bit. Prima is Friendly  and Brave.


And suprise! There’s two! And a boy! And I was originally planning on naming him Siegfried (The Prince), but since the twins are the last of this generation I went with Roth for this guy. Roth is short for Von Rothbart, the main antagonist in the ballet.

Roth is Brave, like Prima, and Easily Impressed.


And this is the only picture you’ll get of them as blanket larva.

God, I love those swings.


And now we have a triple birthday!


Odile first!


Boy! She’s even more of a clone than Odette!  I even tried Penny’s child hair on her and compared. She’s all mom except her eye colour.


Next is the twins. I’m lumping them in here because I forgot to grab a picture of Roth at the cake.



Both are pretty unique! Yay! Prima has her mom’s hair and mouth, but the rest seems to be Liam! And she has the pointed ears!

Roth, has most of Penny’s features except mouth and hair colour!  His hair might be a pass down from his actual grandfather, Rook. It might also be a random grandparent thing. I’m going to say Rook since Odette got her great-grandmother’s eyes. Why not?


And life plods on. I let the girls play in the snow often. I think it’s cute, plus Odile hasn’t been to school yet due to snow days and Odette can’t flex her virtuoso muscles yet. SO they’re left playing or helping with tots.


Liam gets so little attention compared to Penny and the kids. He’s always working, doing stuff for work, or meeting needs. It’s mostly uninteresting and since I’m not constantly snapping shots, he gets missed.

But he does help out. I’m still making him teach the tots at least on skill.


Twin toy time!


And night time snow play!

“My sister is weird.”

Yeah. Sorry, Odile. I have two and I’ve learned that sisters are generally weird. It’s why you love them.


No reason for this other than fun.


I love Hidden Springs. Look how pretty it is in winter!


“Come play with us, Danny.”

I actually wasn’t that scared of the Shinning. Probably because everyone told me it was the scariest and that upped the ante a bit too much.

The point is, yes, you two do look more like twins than the actual twins. Unless one of you grows up with some random feature, you’ll probably be out of the heir running. Unfortunately.


It’s not a problem for long, however. The first teen of the legacy is inbound!


Odette grew up a little less like Penny than anticipated, but still pretty samey. And from this picture, you’d swear her eyes were the same as her mother’s. But, they’re still grey. I promise.


As teen, she can now work on playing all of the instruments available to them. As long as we still have that nest egg, of course.


I did use a bit of it though. With six sims, I figured a bigger table was in order.


More garbage picking. He looks THRILLED.


I’m not sure where Liam is hiding the horseshoe, but he’s found a TON of pricey things. The VR helmet above, an expensive metal, and TWO pink diamonds.


And then she got hypothermia and died.

Not really, but PUT ON YOUR OUTERWEAR!


Being a few days older, it’s time for Liam’s adult birthday!

Don’t ask why he’s at the hospital. I don’t remember. Allergy shot maybe? Funny enough, he doesn’t roll a midlife crisis.


Still handsome and still in love with his wife!


Odile, however, is not happy with parent PDA.


Yet again we dip into the family’s savings. This time to build a room for Roth and Prima, who are aging up. They both love different shades of green so I figured they could share.


Roth first.


Then Prima.


Both are spectacularly unique! It’ll be hard to choose which should take over when the time comes.

Trait wise, Prima gained Angler and Roth gained Animal Lover. Prima’s will be utilized and I’m not sure about Roth’s but I wouldn’t hold my breathe.

And this is all I have for now. I’m ahead with playing but trying to stuff all of those into one update would be long, boring and frustrating. Plus the twins would go from birth to teen in the span of one update and that feels a bit TOO rushed. My work schedule this week is a bit condensed. I only work three days. Three long days, but only three so I’ll try and get more up later. I’m really liking this whole casual as I go kinda thing and you guys don’t seem to mind. I’m glad. It actually helps me remember more since I’m not constantly snapping and trying to be witty. So, thanks for that guys 😀

See ya later ❤


Time Skips – 0.2 – The Zane Legacy

Hello and Welcome back! I’ve been yelling at YouTube ads for local news stations. How are you?

You wanted to read a legacy? Okay then!

Welcome back to the Zane Legacy, my super casual legacy continuation of my precious Zane family.  Last time, we were re/introduced to our founder Penny Zane, the final heiress of my Zane OWBC chosen to continue on. She met, fell head over heels for, and married Hidden Springs local Liam O’Dourke. With him, he brought a ton of money.


And here is where we left off. With this exact image. Lately, most of my houses have taken a similar shape. Mostly due to the fact that I find this external shape more functional than fun. But house tour time!


There is an empty room that was not shown because it is empty and unused until babies happen to use it as a bedroom. They had about $35000 left afterwards, although you might not be able to see it in the furnishing. I wanted to keep it minimal. Over doing it leaves them out in the cold later if they need the money for something else.

I’m also aware I use that exact stripe pattern with those colors way too much.

I don’t care. My game, my patterns 😛


Time to consummate the marriage! No babies this time. I want to give it a few days. Too early and you bottleneck the house with Adults and Young Adults.


He may be admiring his ring, but the inner big sister in me wants to smack his hand into his face.

I’m not horrible but IT’S RIGHT THERE!


Someone isn’t adjusting to the domestic life well.

Hint: it rhymes with Henny.  Screenshot-403.jpg

Wedding presents! We got a stereo and a hollywood walk star for the wall. We kept both of them because we really don’t need the money.


“Who is she? Should I give her the stereo?”

No. She was the Sim Finder/ Relationship Transmogrifier experiment and now you’re friends.


After a few days and haircut you’ll never see again…

“It’s my work hair.”

I don’t care. I decided it was time for a baby!




*12 hours later*


Honestly, Penny was horribly unlucky with her morning sickness. She had it for the entire day. I think her grandmother, Felicity, had a rough go of it too. Poor thing.




I have a bunch of cutesy pictures during this first pregnancy. I do this with every sim couple, but I love these two. He’s going to be a good poppa.


This is how the entire pregnancy went. Penny worked on her social networking skill and blogging while Liam worked and exercised for promotions.


Proof that time passed.

I also love catching these photos. Penny looks happy.


Here she looks not so happy. The first baby of the legacy is inbound! Woot!


If you didn’t read my OWBC, you’ll be a little clueless as to why this was a huge relief. With no influence from me, we have a girl! After only 2 females born throughout the entire OWBC, our first baby is a little girl named Odette! A Virtuoso who Loves to the Heat.  Each generation is going to have a naming theme, because I said so, and this generation will be the ballet Swan Lake.


Daddy daughter time!


More time skips!  Time to emerge from your cocoon/egg little Odette!


Don’t get used to family members celebrating.  Once the family gets bigger, it tends to be an annoyance versus the sweet little celebration like this one is.


And of course, the first thing Odette does is cry with full bars.

She’s cute, but almost too cute. Like potentially face clone cute. I would like to have an heir/ess who doesn’t look exactly like one of their parents.


With the prospect of a face clone in our midst, time to get baby 2 cooking!


The first baby is always easier to teach because there aren’t a million kidlets running a amok.


“Is it time for her to go to college?”

No! Why did you come back!? You dropped off the bucket of swag already!

“I’m lonely.”

Buzz off, creep!


Proof of pregnancy.


Aww. You may look a bunch like your mom, but you are a cutie.

Fun note: She has her great-grandmother, Felicity’s eyes. She was also the originator of the pink hair. It makes my heart warm to see her live on here!


This is Felicity. She was married to generation 1 heir Owen Zane. You are missed lady bubblegum.


“Toddler training sucks.”


Yes. You’re working so hard, Penny.



Cute smoochies.


Baby 2!


I bust Penny’s chops, but she is a caring mom. I make sure, unless I’m purposely making someone a deadbeat, that each parent teaches the child a skill. With the relationship building, it makes it more even.


Going into labor #ow


I used all my wit on that last comment. And that wasn’t very witty. So….baby time!


Creepy babysitter stood in the corner the entire time Penny and Liam were in the hospital.

Why are all the service sims creeps?!


At the hospital, we have another girl!

This one is Odile. Where Odette is the main character/white swan of Swan Lake, Odile is evil/the black swan. Our Odile, however, is Good and Disciplined.


Stellar parenting once again from Penny Zane.

And this is where it ends. With the casual-ness, I’m not really creating mental breaks while playing so I’m going to do this off the cuff. So here seems good.

Next will yield at least one more baby and maybe something more interesting. Like something with their jobs or LTW. Liam has gotten a few promotions, but he still hasn’t earned his police cruiser….

I just realized I never mentioned Liam’s LTW. He want to be an International Super Spy. 

Now that is out-of-the-way, we can actually end.

Thanks for showing up guys!

We Got Liebstered!

liebster-awardAfter a fairly chill shift at work and a bit of extra mental energy( I’m not sure if other people separate their mental and physical energies, but I know my brain is able to do a lot more than my body wants to) I was ready to work on an update for the Zane Legacy. I’m not actually guaranteeing that this will get up on said day, but moving on.

But much to my surprise, I found myself nominated for the Liebster Award! All thanks to the lovely somebodysangel13, writer of the Maloney WYDC and Rourke EPIC Legacy. Two excellent challenges you should check out if you haven’t.

There are some rules for the Liebster Award.

  • Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the award.
  • Answer the 11 questions the person has asked you.
  • Nominate people (comment on their blog to let them know).
  • Ask the people you have nominated 11 questions.

Even if I already thanked somebodysangel13, I want to thank her again. I often think that I’m just lackluster, but knowing just one person enjoys my meanderings(I know there are more of you ;p ) makes me want to try harder through the everyday drudgery.

somebodysangel13’s Questions

  1. What’s your dream job?

If I could do anything with my life, I would devote myself to writing. I would want to go back and get a MFA in Creative Writing first, but even then, I would want to write for a living. The reason I don’t write fiction currently is that I am busy and I’m scared of failing. Like it would be the worst thing to happen is that I’ll find out I’m no good. I hold myself to an impossibly high standard that I can’t meet.  It’s why I’ve tabled it for the time being in order to get my Masters in Library Science. Then I can work with books and once I have some stability, I can work on my life’s passion.

2. What Sims EP would you like to see? Maybe one from another iteration (ie. TS2 to TS3)?

If we are talking about TS4, I’m not 100% sure. Seasons, maybe? I have a million ideas for ones I wish they would have made for TS2 and TS3. However, my omph for TS4 has gone. I would have said something like Generations, but they have that new pack coming out that looks similar. What I would like to see isn’t so much an EP but just something that brings me back. Every time something new comes out, I play for a few weeks on and off, but then end up going back to TS3. I desperately want to feel something for TS4, but the only thing I can find is disappointment.

3. If you had to choose one album to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This one is super hard. My taste in music is so varied that even pinpointing something is difficult. Currently, I’d say it’s a toss up between Lindsey Stirling’s Shatter Me or Queen’s Greatest Hits (volume 1 I think is the one I have). Lindsey Stirling is what I write to, but Queen is awesome and has so much sentimental value on my part that I couldn’t give it up.

4. Favourite movie genre?

Yet another tough one. I’m big fan of horror and comedy, but with those I’m pretty picky. Like with comedy, I’m not huge on a lot of popular things. Gross out jokes especially. And horror, I like watching both really good and really bad, but mostly to joke about them. But I’m still selective. I think the one I adore the most is Sci-fi/Fantasy. I love getting swept up in something. Those do it for me. I like drama and romance just fine, but the real world is hard enough. But take me away from reality and I’m set.

5. Do you own any digital subscriptions (Netflix/Spotify etc)?

Oh boy, do I! While I don’t have any music subscriptions(Pandora, spotify), I do have quite a few movie/tv subscriptions. Netflix, Hulu, and HBO are my big three. I also have the subscriptions for my consoles.  Anyway, my family has cable in the house, which does let me use some channel specific streaming sites, but those I don’t pay for. I have the three above because I am kind of the low man on the totem pole when it comes to TV access. So I usually try and catch them later on the streaming services. I also use them as a coping mechanism. It’s not probably the best thing, but most of my days are spent trying to keep a good headspace. So, if I have a show or movie going while I do something else, I can usually keep my mind fairly clean of drabble and focus better.

6. Assuming the answer to #5 is yes, what do you like about it? If no, what don’t you like about subscriptions?

One thing I love is access when I need/want it with little outside interference. I also like the original programming each has to offer. And being able to get HBO for $15 a month isn’t bad either. Jessica Jones is one of my favorite things on Netflix and A Handmaid’s Tale is killing it, even if it is starting to really deviate from the book.

There are things I don’t like though. Mostly the annoying inconsistency in the quality of their non-original programming.  Since I have Hulu and Netflix, I have most of the things I want to watch, but it can get annoying paying so much for random chance. But overall, I haven’t found a reason to get rid of them. I almost rage quit Netflix when they yanked all of Doctor Who and has some serious grumblings when they yanked Buffy recently, but I still have a lot more reasons to keep them than get rid of them.

7. Favourite Disney movie? Or any kids’ movie if Disney isn’t your thing.

I adore Disney and quite a few contemporary kids movies and even some from my childhood. My favorite outright might be Beauty and the Beast. And no, I didn’t see the remake and I don’t want to. Funny enough, I just had that conversation with my baby sister. From what I have seen, I don’t like the design of Mrs.Potts, Chip, Cogsworth, and Lumiere.  And from the reviews I’ve read and heard, what is new hardly makes up for the shot for shot-ness of the rest. This is just me and I would never take it from you or anyone else who loves it. The original animated one was a masterpiece and it was HUGE part of my growing up. My grandmother still has books with bites out of pages when I used to act out the opening playing ALL the parts including the sheep. So, I don’t want to try and for something because everyone else says I should.

But I  seriously love most Disney movies. So many I can’t list them all without taking up a million pages. Newer or older. Handdrawn or Digitally animated. I love it!  Tangled and The Little Mermaid , Wreck it Ralph!!!  And so many more! Plus Non-Disney like the Lego Movie, Lego Batman, Storks!

I’m a big grown up kid!

8 . Favourite non-Sim game?

That one is a toss up between the Dragon Age series and Borderlands. Borderlands 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition have eaten up so much of my life and I am still hopelessly obsessed with both of them. I wish I could say I was more hopeless over some fun indie, but I really love them. Both story and character development are on point. The just make my heart all warm and goopy.

9. Android or Apple?

I’ve never been an Apple girl. I do have an Ipod but that is the only Apple product I own. Plus we always get whichever phones are cheaper and usually the generation behind Samsungs aren’t too bad price wise. So I’ve always had Android.

That reminds me. I need to pick my phone off the floor.

10. Since we’re opening cans of worms; laptop or desktop?

I currently have just my laptop. It was a custom order and works just as well as a desktop, or it did when it was newer. It has a few quirks now, but still works like a dream. But I would like to convert my gaming over to a desktop or even try to figure out a way to rig a desktop up for some level of mobility within a room. But right now, I’m still working with old faithful here.

11. I liked this one of Fluffymao’s, so – what’s your Myers-Briggs personality type?

For the past few years, I’ve taken the test a couple times and each time I come up INFP. It seems to be the most apt type for me personally. Most in-depth looks at the personality type tend to seem very similar to me. Even the flaws. This  is my favorite site for the personality breakdown. It seems to be well researched as well.  I don’t have m full break down but…with the result coming up the same a few different times, I’m not really going to question too much.

My Questions

  1. What is your favorite snack food?
  2. If you could only read one genre of book for the rest of your life, which one and why?
  3. If a time traveler showed up on your doorstep and said they would take you to see the building of one historical monument, would you accept, which one would you see, and why?
  4. Is there a trope or effect in Movies/TV that you find extremely annoying?
  5. Favorite Sims feature of all time(thus far)?
  6. Would you rather be good at math or good at language(of your choosing of course)?
  7. What drives you to write/create?
  8. Is there something you are really excited for?
  9. On average how many internet tabs do you have open? If only one, how many programs do you have open at once?
  10. Most inspiring/insightful thing you’ve ever read/heard?
  11. The ultimate question! The question to end all questions! Not answering may drive you insane!!!    Can I have a hug?

My Nominations

Like my nominator, I’m not going to nominate 11 because most of the people that come to mind have been nominated recently, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some fantastic people to nominate!

Livvielove :  The Nix Short Dynasty / The Reaper Legacy /  Song of the Nightingale / Faction of the Lost Ones

Itsjulie 102 Rainbow Babies / Through Colour Blind Eyes

Orangeplumbob Second Chances(Ryder Legacy)

KimiKatastrophe  Pixel Perfect / Pixel Perfect Redux


Also I know I misspelled Liebster when I nominated you all. I’m sorry about that. My brain broke a little. He…he…whoops.

We’re Back Baby!! – 0.1 – The Zane Legacy


Welcome to the Zane Legacy! This is one of my new projects. I’m not forsaking my old ones, but this is more me trying to transition back into simming semi-regularly verses the wonky schedule that my life has become.

Now, if you are familiar with my other projects, you’ll recognize the Zane name.


That’s because our founder is the 3rd gen heiress of my OWBC and former Genie/Ghost, Penny Zane. For a moment, it was almost 2nd generation spare Lorelei, but Penny was heiress and never got to do anything besides write a novel and die. So this felt a little more fair.

I figured this would help me stick to it because I deeply miss the Zanes. To that end, this is going to be kinda relaxed on my part. Nothing huge and no real stakes. I’ve gotten used to playing and snapping shots, I’m just going to go with the flow. If I skip time, I skip time. I’ll mention it, but I’m not going to screencap everything or stress myself out. It’s why I’m on a break of every other challenge or legacy I have going.


This is the only shot I have to really show you Penny’s current digs. There is a mini-fridge in the front and the sleeping bag on the side. All of the money went into the open air bathroom set up. Full walls are too expensive, so we have half walls, one block of fence, and a fence gate.

Yay for non-shooing potty breaks.


“This is a joke right?” Where is my massive wealth and the home I grew up with? We’re not even in Moonlight Falls anymore!”

Sorry sweets, but it’s all in another save. You get to start from dirt poor lawn living. Something your great-grandmother didn’t even have to do!


“Fine. At least I still have a cell phone!”

Yeah. Good. You’re going to need it. Instead of the throwaway lifetime wish she had to complete to get me points in the OWBC, I picked one that rolled up with her traits. And since most of this is for my pleasure, when Blog Artist rolled up, it was a nice fit. I’ve never done it and shouldn’t be too bad for the founder of a legacy. And no need to dick around with maternity leave.

Speaking of her traits:

Penny’s a Cat Loving, Irresistible, Clumsy, Shy Couch Potato.  I’m kinda curious which trait spun Blog Artist, but I’m not going to dig into it.


I think I took this a bit later, but I figured I would be very blunt with the blog name. This is the long haul for the Zane name! We need to triple what we did before. I’m still not sure if it will be easier or harder. Harder because of length, but easier due to far fewer restrictions.


“I’m bored.”


I sent Penny off to occupy time by using her last hundred bucks on a Social Networking book.

And to spouse hunt. I do look at my SP pop up to see what the pool looks like. And one just happened to catch my eye.


Over at the Hidden Springs spa, Liam O’Dourke was enjoying a swim. He is one of the better genetic possibilities and I wouldn’t mind adding his quirks to the gene pool.


No better way than to start a relationship than to stare and then see who won’t drown first.


These guys have beaucoup chemistry. They heart-farted once in the pool and once out. On the second farting, I was sold and obsessed with getting these two together. And Penny is, personality-wise, kind of a dork. The two seem like a good fit for each other. Plus they are compatible and that’s three for three in my book.


“Eww! People in bathing suits!”

What are you wearing then?


Like an idiot, I tried to get Penny to woo him a bit too quick. They were maybe on chat away from friendship and it kinda set them back a bit.

I also just now realized that Cassidy Earthsong is naked in the background.


The pair needed to get out of there. The longer they were there, the more sims would flock to the pools.

It was getting really annoying seeing Liam freak every time a sim stripped down to their bathing suit.

Off to the “house”!


It only took another two(ish) sim hours to get Penny at a place where she could work her charms.

Look at how bashful he is! Dawwww.


I don’t really do the whole OTP thing….but….

OTP forever ^


And then a whole day passed where literally nothing happened. Penny slept. Liam left and was invited over.

This was the last shot of Sunday night and the next ones are 24 hours later.

You honestly wouldn’t be able to tell if hadn’t mentioned it.


And ,boy, did that 24 hour absence make their hearts grow fonder.

“That’s lame.”

Thank you for your input, Penny.  Now make with the smoochie smoochie.


Close enough.

This time, it was vehemently accepted.


Dip kiss, AHOY!

Time to enter the warp speed lane!


“We’re boyfriend/girlfriend now.”

“I won’t argue with the hot girl who is feverishly perusing me.”


“If you are feeling compliant, marry me!”


“Sure. Why not?”



Done! Woot!

And we’re only an hour into Tuesday!


“Look at that husband of mine. 95 pound of hotness.”

I wouldn’t go that far.

” Have you seen him?”


He looks handsome after the make over, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say I find him hot.

I’m not usually attracted to my sims.

What I am attracted to is the §90,000 that Liam brought to the household!


And this is the house that money built.

It is also the final shot for now. I’ve had this update sitting and waiting for – flipping – ever! So, I’ll show you the entire place next time.

See ya later!

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