We’re Back Baby!! – 0.1 – The Zane Legacy



Welcome to the Zane Legacy! This is one of my new projects. I’m not forsaking my old ones, but this is more me trying to transition back into simming semi-regularly verses the wonky schedule that my life has become.

Now, if you are familiar with my other projects, you’ll recognize the Zane name.


That’s because our founder is the 3rd gen heiress of my OWBC and former Genie/Ghost, Penny Zane. For a moment, it was almost 2nd generation spare Lorelei, but Penny was heiress and never got to do anything besides write a novel and die. So this felt a little more fair.

I figured this would help me stick to it because I deeply miss the Zanes. To that end, this is going to be kinda relaxed on my part. Nothing huge and no real stakes. I’ve gotten used to playing and snapping shots, I’m just going to go with the flow. If I skip time, I skip time. I’ll mention it, but I’m not going to screencap everything or stress myself out. It’s why I’m on a break of every other challenge or legacy I have going.


This is the only shot I have to really show you Penny’s current digs. There is a mini-fridge in the front and the sleeping bag on the side. All of the money went into the open air bathroom set up. Full walls are too expensive, so we have half walls, one block of fence, and a fence gate.

Yay for non-shooing potty breaks.


“This is a joke right?” Where is my massive wealth and the home I grew up with? We’re not even in Moonlight Falls anymore!”

Sorry sweets, but it’s all in another save. You get to start from dirt poor lawn living. Something your great-grandmother didn’t even have to do!


“Fine. At least I still have a cell phone!”

Yeah. Good. You’re going to need it. Instead of the throwaway lifetime wish she had to complete to get me points in the OWBC, I picked one that rolled up with her traits. And since most of this is for my pleasure, when Blog Artist rolled up, it was a nice fit. I’ve never done it and shouldn’t be too bad for the founder of a legacy. And no need to dick around with maternity leave.

Speaking of her traits:

Penny’s a Cat Loving, Irresistible, Clumsy, Shy Couch Potato.  I’m kinda curious which trait spun Blog Artist, but I’m not going to dig into it.


I think I took this a bit later, but I figured I would be very blunt with the blog name. This is the long haul for the Zane name! We need to triple what we did before. I’m still not sure if it will be easier or harder. Harder because of length, but easier due to far fewer restrictions.


“I’m bored.”


I sent Penny off to occupy time by using her last hundred bucks on a Social Networking book.

And to spouse hunt. I do look at my SP pop up to see what the pool looks like. And one just happened to catch my eye.


Over at the Hidden Springs spa, Liam O’Dourke was enjoying a swim. He is one of the better genetic possibilities and I wouldn’t mind adding his quirks to the gene pool.


No better way than to start a relationship than to stare and then see who won’t drown first.


These guys have beaucoup chemistry. They heart-farted once in the pool and once out. On the second farting, I was sold and obsessed with getting these two together. And Penny is, personality-wise, kind of a dork. The two seem like a good fit for each other. Plus they are compatible and that’s three for three in my book.


“Eww! People in bathing suits!”

What are you wearing then?


Like an idiot, I tried to get Penny to woo him a bit too quick. They were maybe on chat away from friendship and it kinda set them back a bit.

I also just now realized that Cassidy Earthsong is naked in the background.


The pair needed to get out of there. The longer they were there, the more sims would flock to the pools.

It was getting really annoying seeing Liam freak every time a sim stripped down to their bathing suit.

Off to the “house”!


It only took another two(ish) sim hours to get Penny at a place where she could work her charms.

Look at how bashful he is! Dawwww.


I don’t really do the whole OTP thing….but….

OTP forever ^


And then a whole day passed where literally nothing happened. Penny slept. Liam left and was invited over.

This was the last shot of Sunday night and the next ones are 24 hours later.

You honestly wouldn’t be able to tell if hadn’t mentioned it.


And ,boy, did that 24 hour absence make their hearts grow fonder.

“That’s lame.”

Thank you for your input, Penny.  Now make with the smoochie smoochie.


Close enough.

This time, it was vehemently accepted.


Dip kiss, AHOY!

Time to enter the warp speed lane!


“We’re boyfriend/girlfriend now.”

“I won’t argue with the hot girl who is feverishly perusing me.”


“If you are feeling compliant, marry me!”


“Sure. Why not?”



Done! Woot!

And we’re only an hour into Tuesday!


“Look at that husband of mine. 95 pound of hotness.”

I wouldn’t go that far.

” Have you seen him?”


He looks handsome after the make over, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say I find him hot.

I’m not usually attracted to my sims.

What I am attracted to is the §90,000 that Liam brought to the household!


And this is the house that money built.

It is also the final shot for now. I’ve had this update sitting and waiting for – flipping – ever! So, I’ll show you the entire place next time.

See ya later!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Livvielove says:

    Eeps! A lovely start to a legacy! I just love how Penny looks!

    Don’t stress yourself! I completely know what you mean when you talk about life hitting you sometimes – it just happens! I’m sure this will be a wonderful misadventure!

    I’m along for the ride! ^^


    1. jesslb293 says:

      Aww thanks Livvie! And Penny and her siblings are quite fetching. He brother Nathaniel is almost a facsimile of a Disney Prince in his traits!

      But I’m so happy to have you aboard.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the start, and yay for seeing Penny again! Great choice for spouse, Liam is adorkable.

    Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Coz you’re amazing!


    1. jesslb293 says:

      😀 Thanks for the Nom! You get big squishy hugs!
      And I’m really happy to be playing Penny again. She even threw me some hidden genetic surprises later on. And her and Liam are very adorkable together. 🙂


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