Long Time Coming – 1.3 – The Zane Legacy

Wow!! I’m finally back with the Zanes proper and I couldn’t be more hyped! Last time I even looked at them I could wear a t-shirt and not freeze my butt off!

Welcome back all!!! It’s been WAAAAYYY too long. Thanks to my computer being out of commission, I’ve been away. Even this update has been sitting on the “shelf” for months. A lot has changed, but I’m ready to pick right back up where I left off and excited to see what happens next. Most of this update was written months and will seem particularly cogent compared to the next update. However, in order to get this update out in a kind of celebration of getting my computer back, I had to cut half of the update. Mostly because I’m still in the midst of reinstalling everything and there are some glaring gaps in my memory that keep me from moving forward in writing. Hopefully you guys can forgive me *innocent blinks*


Last time(and thank god I wrote this months ago), Prima went to the future and found her true love in Harkin Shire. Upon returning home, she got pregnant and kicked Gary out. She then gave birth to twin boys Garrus and Mordin. Penny also aged into an elder and Harkin moved in a came to the present.


And why is everyone out in the rain, including the babies?

It’s remodel time!


With the twins, the house was a little cramped, so I demolished the entire thing and made it roomier. Roth is still taking up the spare room.


I really like having Roth around and since no more babies are in line for a few more days, he gets to enjoy his future brother-in-law’s fancy future convertible for a little while longer.


Having never been in cribs, the twins are not having a fun time in the nursery.

I also forgot to put the walls up. Whoops.


“Super mom!”

You did the bare minimum and put them in swings. Yes…mother of the year.

You’re not the worst, but definitely not the best.


Ignoring whatever problem Prima is having, it’s time for a real wedding. I thought about waiting for a few generations to attempt a real wedding, but at the time, I was riding the Prima/Harkin true love train.


First thing out of buy mode,  Harkin b-lines it for the stereo and dance floor. At least it keeps him busy while we wait for people to arrive.


Speaking of which, Odette and Odile have arrived!

All the Zanes back under one roof!


I arrange this cute little futuristic gazebo/area thing. And they commence with being idiots.


And it got worse from there. Harkin wandered off while I tried to get Penny to go inside to the restroom.


And she ended up peeing herself anyway. And yes, that is the mixologist being pointless.

This is why I don’t do weddings!


At least Odette is enjoying it.


In a fit of desperation and just wanting to get this event over with, they got married in the moderate darkness.


And Odette ruins the moment by wondering where Odile is. Thanks guys. Thanks all around.


As Prima and Harkin get cake, I sent Liam around with the moodlet manager and clean up everyone. I will not stand for this kind of idiocy.


“The groom is in the way of the cake!”

Time to shut this down. Wedding over.


Time to take care of the babies in your wedding gown!


What is with the bladder failure this episode!?!


Roth is really good at picking up the slack when it comes to the boys. He doesn’t have much to do outside of caring for them. Besides his job but…eh.


There are two reasons for this picture.

One. Look at how decent the lime and sea foamy blue work together.

Two. This is where i decided to move Roth out. It was through no decision other than I want Shorty gone and I was planning on having Roth take him when he left. Shorty is a pain and with a full house, including 2 infants, it’s impossible to deal with his constant need for attention. He could be completely content and whine. My real life cats does it, but I don’t have to infants to care for.


Goodbye, Roth. Hopefully this won’t be our last time seeing you.

Upon moving him out, I realized how much I kinda wish I would have made him heir. He’s so adorable and I am honestly nervous I’ll never see him again. I’m hoping that my memory and data on my computer is saveable.


On a happier note, the twins are turning into toddlers!


This a Garrus. Our little evil cutie pie!


And this is Mordin.  He’s adorable too, but I can’t remember his traits at the moment.


With the twins birthday, it’s time to throw Harkin one kid. I kinda want a redhead and I’m hoping Harkin is our best shot.


“Anybody want a snack?”

Piss off, Penny!


Baby 3 incoming!


And the last thing to be done in Hidden Springs.

I can’t remember exactly why they moved, but I know they were having a ton of lag and I think there was a pretty annoying glitch.


So we packed up the family and house and moved to Isla Paradiso.


Isla Paradiso, a place so hot that the University Mascot shows up in his swim trunks.

No you can’t use our pool.


And everyone got to skilling. With the game running smoother, it was time to get everyone up to speed on them.


And baby 3 presents itself!

Whenever I move towns with a pregnant sim, I always have a minor panic attack until they pop/give birth.


Our first night and we get a visitor! I almost had Prima chase her down, but she was uninteractable.


I’m hoping that I’ve mentioned Harkin’s LTW before now, but if I haven’t, sorry.

Harkin is working to become an Illustrious Author. So far, he’s about level 5-7 on painting, so it’s time to work on writing!


I’m not sure why we have this but part of me thinks that Penny had a wish for one. So, I caved and gave her one.


Elsewhere, Grandpa Liam is taking care of the wonder twins.


This picture is here A) To show how big Prima has gotten. B) Because I think it’s a cute shot and I wanted to.


Penny seems to be utilizing the gift that I gave her. No other memories are popping into my head soooooo…LET’S MOVE ON!!!


Prima goes into labor and –

Why are you so calm?

” Because this is the end of the update and if I don’t pace out my reactions, my face will freeze in labor agony. ”

Good point and thank you for announcing that development! This is indeed the end. It is gonna take me some time to get the hang of writing this legacy. I can’t exactly remember all of the quirk and things that I use hear that I may or may not use elsewhere. But I thank those of you reading for your patience and holding tough with me.

Next time we welcome the newest Zane! See ya next time, buddies!

2 thoughts on “Long Time Coming – 1.3 – The Zane Legacy

  1. You’re brave to try Isla Paradiso! I wish you the best of luck!
    I can’t wait to see this next baby! My fingers are also crossed for a redhead… maybe? Hopefully?
    I have no patience so I’m off to read the next chapter!


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